Indie Artist Milahroy Finds Euphoria & Reflection In New Video

Milahroy in The Rush (all images screen caps)

Out singer/songwriter Milahroy drops his introspective new music video, “The Rush,” exploring how we handle the healing process in life.

The woofy singer/songwriter told Instinct he wanted the song to “sound like what growing up is.”


For instance, I remember sitting on the floor by the fireplace with my mom, dramatizing at 13: “I can’t wait to be able to drive!” “I’m going to have so many tattoos!” “I can’t wait to have my own place!” With every milestone I achieved, the blinks kept blending together and my life started to rush before my eyes. I haven’t been able to stop it since. All of that is what this song is to me. It’s the rush of growing older. But when I wrote it, I was dating someone twice my age and I believe that sparked this song as well.

The guitar-driven track opens with a pensive, reflective mood which quickly evolves into muscular percussion underscoring a sense of confidence. Milahroy’s impressive vocals move with equal ease from airy yearning to clear bell-tone falsetto to rich baritone echoing the courage that comes from a life being lived.

We asked the talented artist about the approach/concept for the visual because – with all things Milahroy – there’s always a conscious thought behind everything he does.


“The concept of the video was ‘processing,'” he explained. “I was aiming to show balance while someone goes through their healing process. I’m a registered yoga teacher and by dressing in an all-white outfit while I performed in an all-black outfit, I wanted show the contrast between the two,” he continued. Plus, the third story line – the black & white French new wave cinema-inspired shots – portrays “our character going through the motions of a relationship & processing it all in real time.”

The video artfully shifts from Milahroy finding peace via yoga to finding his groove in live performance clips to being ‘in the moment’ with a romantic partner. The tranquil, intimate nature of the video pairs perfectly with the artist’s tender, melancholy vocals.


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Milahroy’s ‘The Rush’ is available on all streaming/download music sites, and you can find him on Instagram below. 

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