Indonesian Attorney General’s Office Actively Rejects LGBT Discrimination

LGBT Indonesians have been beleaguered for quite sometime. They have had plenty of anti-LGBT rhetoric thrown at them. The government has not done much to come out against the opposition LGBT individuals have faced.

However, today, the Attorney General Office, rescind a job application that barred LGBT people from applying and suggested homosexuality was a "mental illness."

In January of 2016, pubic officials helped escalate the discriminatory practices in the country. In October of 2016, the president broke his silence and said that the discrimination must stop. However, there was very little effort put into enforcing the presidents remarks.

The actions of the Attorney General's Office suggest a change is happening in the country. The Indonesian Human Rights Commission is saying that all state departments should follow suit and continues to campaign for more nondiscriminatory practices to be put into place throughout the country. 

H/T: Human Rights Watch

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