Influencer Awakes From Plastic Surgery With “Swelling” That Would Not Go Down.

I don’t know where to begin with this story, but I’ll start with the fact that the subject, Neven Ciganovic, is a man whose troubles began with his desire to look like a human Bratz doll. 

Bratz Doll, Kmart.

Not that I find anything wrong with a little nip and tuck, but having surgery to get the look of an animated doll, with an over-sized head, button nose, and large inflated lips, will likely have some unpredictable consequences.

Ciganovic, from Zagreb, almost 50, started having surgeries in 1992. This initial step toward achieving his desired look was with a procedure to place silicone fillers in his lips.

He has since had multiple things done, all of which have bolstered his career in Croatia as a blogger, fashion stylist, and TV personality. Before and after pics reveal the drastic changes in his face from the surgeries over the years, including three nose jobs, Botox, cheekbone implants, jaw fillers, and chin fillers.


No shade against him, but his most current rhinoplasty resulted in a nose so small, that I can’t understand how he breathes through it, pin-hole nostrils and all. I literally feel like I need a respirator just looking at him. That said, it was the desired look he was going for, so it appears he ordered the Michael Jackson Special and was very happy with it.  

However, he was far less happy with what happened after undergoing rhinoplasty surgery in 2017 to correct his septum. 

According to, Ciganovic claims the operation left him with a condition called priapism – an involuntary, extremely painful, long-lasting erection not derived from sexual desire.


There were three surgical attempts to get Ciganovic’s erection to go down to no avail, and it wasn’t until three months later that this erection problem was finally resolved. The remedy has not been revealed. Maybe it went down by itself? I have no idea. 

Doctors could not conclude what caused the issue, but Ciganovic has a theory which he also shared, 

He explained:

When I woke up from anesthesia after my nose job with priapism, I went through a really hard time – literally hard. I had a full erection for almost three months. I think I even brought down the world record. I had three surgeries on my penis, and after the third one, my willy started to go down. It was a really painful experience, but I survived with my head up high.

Doctors don’t have any real theories as to why this happened to me… [but] a few months ago, I was cleaning my closet, and I found some food supplements that I had been taking at the time… and I read on the box… It can help boost a man’s sex drive, but when I didn’t know that this could happen to me, I just used it to help at the gym.


After recovering from a deep depression from the ordeal, Ciganovic is now starting up his own consulting business to guide people through the decisions and possible outcomes of cosmetic surgery. He claims that he’ll have no more work done himself, but it always seems that people like Ciganovic are addicted to the procedures and can never really get enough of the nip and tuck.

Before you feel too sorry for Ciganovic, keep in mind he seemed to take the whole record length of erection time in stride:


I apologize, there’s no uncensored picture of the Ciganovic’s nearly permanent boner, at least not that I could find, so you will have to use your imagination. He does have a great butt, though, so here’s a link to that—no word yet on if it’s real or not.

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