Inspired By ‘Rhythm Nation,’ Jack Tracy Wants Gay Nation To Show Up At Ballot Box

Jack Tracy’s new music video, “Time Travel,” is a call to action inspired by Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation urging LGBTQ people to show up at the polls November 6 and make their voices heard.


An 80’s Prince-inspired saga track with a militaristic, unified beat, “Time Travel” is the third release from Jack Tracy’s EP, Older.

Tracy acknowledges the video is an homage to Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation, incorporating iconic moves from the 1989 music video.

“The whole while, I had her pledge in mind: We are a nation of like-minded individuals sharing a common vision.

Not one to shy away from raising his voice, Tracy warns of the upcoming midterm elections, “The MAGA camp wants to turn back the clock on our LGBTQ rights.”


“So unless you want our marriages nullified, our ability to adopt eliminated, our right to walk freely into any restaurant or bar stripped, civil rights of our trans brothers and sisters erased, or our ability to get insured limited…it's time to wake up, step up and prepare for real action—at the ballot box.”

Tracy is the founder and owner of Necessary Outlet, a film production company that produces LGBT web series including the fifty-time festival selection and award-winner, History.

The NYC-based web series, where he plays a 30-something lawyer fresh out of a relationship, is “about learning from your past and finding your tribe.”

Check out “Time Travel” below and find more about Jack Tracy here.


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