Instagram Is Testing Out Hiding Likes

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As Soon As Next Week, Your Instagram Followers Will Not Be Able To See How Many ‘Likes’ You Have

Ever since social media came into existence I think the world has gone a little haywire. Virtual popularity became more attractive than being a good person in real life society. Myspace became widely known during my freshman year of high school and since then, I believe we started to look after our social media accounts like our own children. People feened for likes, comments, and shares back with Myspace, only to progress into Facebook, Twitter, and the juggernaut of all social media which has brought us influencers: Instagram. Whether you like them or not, influencers do have a role in advertising and while many adults may not fall for their marketing scheme, their target audience, teenagers, absolutely do. But, you may want to pour some champagne on the floor for your favorite influencer because soon their Instagrams – or egos – may take a crucial hit.


According to The Verge, Instagram Chief Executive Officer, Adam Mosseri, has stated as soon as next week, his company is going to begin testing out hiding how many ‘likes’ people receive on their profile posts. The company has been hiding likes in several countries, but the United States is now the new guinea pig. Uhh, do they not understand how many influencer meltdowns this is going to cause?!

So yes, soon you may not see how many likes people are getting. While I think this sincerely may help the mental state of people with severe jealousy issues or who are failing at becoming an influencer, I think this may take us back to having a large following means all. Could this be a step in the right direction to make social media a happier place or did we already sign a deal with the devil?

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H/T: The Verge

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