Instagram Lost Its Cool Over Chumlee’s Sensual Pic

Image via Instagram @Chumlee702

Did Chumlee go too far on Instagram or did Instagram overreact?

Reality star Austin “Chumlee” Russell is mostly known for appearing on the the popular show “Pawn Stars.” And throughout his time on television, Chumlee has had thousands of people watch his weight transition. After years of hard work and exercise, the reality star has successfully shaved off over 100 lbs (from 344lbs to 230lbs) and is feeling pretty excited because of it.

In order to celebrate his changing look, the reality star took a picture while on a trip with his fiancé.

“I thought I would start my modeling career off with this photo,” he told The Blast.

Image via Instagram (before it was deleted) @Chumlee702

But unfortunately, Instagram then decided to take down the picture, which you can see above. The reality star was upset by the photo’s removal as there was no explanation or notification for the deletion. It was just there one day and gone the next.

And the photo really has us wondering why the image was removed. Is it too sensual for Instagram? Certainly not as there are plenty of men and women who post more provocative stuff on the social media app. And a body’s like Chumlee’s should be celebrated just as much as the rest. So what exactly was it?

Of course, Instagram has not commented on the image and its deletion. So unfortunately, that has left Chumlee disappointed and curious what it could have been. And frankly, we’re right there with him.

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  1. Seriously?!? Instagram SUCKS! The damn service keeps adding people to my follow list that I never fucking chose to follow. Why are we still using it?


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