Instagram Star & Skateboarder Nathan Schwandt Gets Naked

Nathan Schwandt, who has a lot of credits to his name already (skateboarder, Instagram star and boyfriend to cosmetics giant Jeffree Star), can now add something a bit more colorful to the mix of how he is known as nude pics of him have been leaked on the internet, courtesy of !! omg blog !!

The 25-year-old, who has been with Star for almost three years now after they allegedly met through social media, has developed a major following on several different platforms, most notably Instagram where he boasts over 800,000 followers.  These photos may just get him a couple more based on how enticing they are.


Rise n’ Shine. #bedhead

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Usually photos that get “leaked” onto the internet have some controversy surrounding just how real they truly are, but these look pretty authentic based on Nathan’s very unique chest tattoo (see above) which match the photos that were posted.

You be the judge (NSFW link here).  What is one word to truly describe these photos? Thick. 

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