Instagrammer and TikToker To Follow: Rob Anderson

In nutshell, this and more is what you will find on Rob Anderson’s IG and TikTok (Photo Credit: Rob Anderson Instagram Page)

If you ever wondered about certain facets of a gay man, Rob Anderson has the answers for you.  Anderson posts various videos on Instagram and TikTok.  He calls certain videos ‘Gay Science.’  Subjects covered here include why gay men like iced coffee, the extinction of vers-bottoms, why gay men like attention, and more.

Anderson also has a video called ‘Homosexual Nonverbals’ which classically captures a gay couple having a nonverbal conversation.

Another video on his Instagram is a parody of the iconic game ‘Guess Who’ where two gay men send the game company their contact lists to make a game with common connections.

Anderson also plays the funniest sleep talk recordings from an app called ‘Sleep Talk Recorder.’


Hall of fame. #sleeptalk #sleeptalking #british #britishhumour

♬ original sound – Rob Anderson


Sleep talk hall of fame. #fyp #foryou #sleep #sleeptalk #sleeptalking

♬ original sound – Rob Anderson


Marissa queen of sleep gaslighting her mom. (The app is Sleep Talk Recorder, red icon) #fyp #foryou #4u

♬ original sound – Rob Anderson

His One Person Protests raise valid points or make divisive statements.

He also recreates iconic images with his dog, Governor.

Not only does Anderson post some funny and interesting content, but he also posts some great thirst trap videos and photos.

You can follow Rob Anderson on Instagram at heartthrobanderson or on TikTok at heartthrobert

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