Instagrammer and TikToker To Follow: Scott Frenzel

The many different themes explored on Scott Frenzel’s IG and TikTok (Photo Credit: Thumbnails from Frenzel’s IG/ TikTok)

In an overwhelming world of content on social media platforms, it can be a challenge to find a creator that brings entertaining original content to multiple platforms. One of those creators is Scott Frenzel, who is on both Instagram and TikTok

Over on his TikTok account. Frenzel has a few ongoing video themes:

Fan Groups I’m Most Afraid of


who should be in part 3? #taylorswift #arianagrande #lanadelrey #gayfunny

♬ original sound – Scott Frenzel


Things Only One Direction Fans Know


and that’s on cashmere vanilla #onedirection #directioner #directioners #onedirectionfans #popmusic

♬ I Didn’t Mean To – Sarah Barrios

Life Hacks for College That No One Ever Tells You


leave any tips you have in the comments! #college #collegehacks #lifehacks #university #classof2024 #learnwithtiktok

♬ original sound – Scott Frenzel

And the longest-running theme, Things Only Gay People Understand

There are many more recurring videos that are extremely witty and entertaining.

On Instagram, Frenzel does a weekly Q & A on Wednesdays called ‘Q&gAy.’

Also, Frenzel serves up some quite tasty thirst traps.

There are even more picks of Frenzel in all of his ‘otter-riffic’ glory to ‘admire’ on his Instagram account.

You can follow Scott Frenzel on Instagram (scott.frenzel) and TikTok (scott.frenzel).

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