InstaHottie Of The Week: Matteo Lane

Who is ready for an early week hottie to get your Monday off to a good start? Of course you are! This weeks InstaHottie is Matteo Lane, the Italian Stallion with a Mexican twist. This funnyman is currently touring his comedy show, and we got a chance to catch up with him before he embarks on his tour!


Hi Matteo, a pleasure to speak with you. Where are you speaking to me from today?


Buenos Dias!! I’m speaking to you from my boyfriends house in Madrid, Spain. 


You’re Instinct Magazines InstaHottie of the week this week. How do you feel about the title?

I feel great! Even though I just got food poisoning from octopus and have a giant rash on my stomach, it still feels good. Now I’m an actual hottie, a man who’s skin feels like it’s on fire. Fuck octopus. Aliens of the sea. 


You’ve really got the 1920’s Strongman look down to a T, with the moustache and body. We are totally here for it. What’s your gym routine like?


 I think my Italian and Mexican heritage is why my mustache is so prominente. I’ve had this mustache since I was 7 years old. My gym routine is one my sister gave me. 6 days a week, focus on each muscle group, and eat a lot. It’s pretty boring but I have a hectic life, it’s nice to have some kinda routine to stabilize it. 


Aside from showing your assets on Instagram, you also have a Podcast! Tell us more about that.


Yes! Comedian Emma Willmann and I decided to start a podcast called Inside the Closet. Basically we sit and chat with no script, plans or any real agenda. We like to have a free flow conversation. It always ends up about sex. Or dating, but I often do my Barbara from shark tank impression. 

You’ve appeared on some really high profile gigs! The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Late Night with Seth Meyers and Adam Devine’s Comedy House Party to name a few! How important is Comedy to you?


What if after all those credits you listed my reaction was just me shrugging my shoulders. Haha. It’s obviously very important. It’s the first thing I’ve done in life that feels right to me. I love comics, I love the grind and I love the stage.  I was a storyboard artist for fashion ads and Tv commercials for years, and then 6 years ago found comedy and haven’t looked back since. 


Being a gay man yourself, is there is a different atmosphere being a comedian? Does your humor come from a different place?


I think at the core I’m the same as every other comic. Angry, neurotic etc. But being gay definitely gives me a unique look at life. I’m coming from an outside place, looking in. So maybe my jokes and observations feel slightly different because of that? But I generally don’t think of myself as anything but a comic. (Sides the fact I usually open my set singing in my falsetto, a Puccini aria) 


You used to be an Opera singer, you’re a master of all trades! Are we going to be treated for a rendition of Ave Maria any time soon?


Haha I used to sing Ave Maria  at weddings and funerals. Actually I sang ave Maria at my cousins wedding this summer. It’s not the most fun song to sing, I’d rather sing Mariah. 


(Us too. I absolutely tear it up when I sing 'Honey' on karaoke)

You’re touring at the moment! Making your way around the US and over to Glasgow too! Over to my neck of the woods! Are you excited?


Yes! I love traveling, and I love comedy. So it’ll be great. I’ve only been to Italy and Spain, so it’ll be nice to be in an English speaking country doing comedy!

What can we expect from the tour?


Lots of singing and thot pictures. 

If people want to contact you, ogle your IG pictures, or get tickets for your tour, where can they find you online?


Go to Matteolane on all social media platforms. And for upcoming dates! 


And finally, whats next for Matteo Lane?


After a week out of the gym, probably the gym. 

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