InstaHunk Matthew Camp On Sex “There’s Nothing Shameful About It”

Former go-go dancer turned social media influencer, hunky Matthew Camp covers the new issue of Attitude Magazine.

Camp first found his spotlight at the age of 21 in the New York City club scene as a go-go dancer.

From there he landed roles in indie movies like Getting Go: The Go Doc Project (loosely based on his life) and the experimental Sock Job which sent him into a new orbit.

Today, the 34-year-old social media star is utilizing his 550,000+ followers on Instagram to fuel his creative endeavors like designing his own fashion and fragrance line as well as pump up the volume about his OnlyFans account where he can share his own sexually-based content with fans for a monthly fee.

In December, Camp told Instinct he was preparing a new video project that delves into a person’s sexual personality by exploring formative sexual experiences from their past. 

The format will be a hybrid of documentary/experimental art film. 

In the new issue of Attitude Magazine, Camp explains his own vision for how, what and where he shares himself to fans.

“I’d wanted to shoot sex videos for a while because I feel there’s this divide between art and sex,” he tells Attitude. “I don’t see them as different. They’re both an emotional expression.”

“I like the OnlyFans aspect because you can curate your own, and share them with people,” he adds.

“It’s important to document sex because there’s nothing wrong with it, there’s nothing shameful about it and there’s nothing crazy about it,” says the sex-positive advocate. “You should be able to watch sex as entertainment.”

The internet sensation also points out that, “Everyone’s body is a commodity – whether they realise it or not.”



“To me, there’s no difference between somebody standing behind a cash register for 10 hours a day and another person who has sex for 10 or 20 grand a month,” explains the California-born influencer. “Who’s having more fun?”

Raising the ‘pleasure principal,’ (if you will) Camp says, “It’s about life choices, and people being indoctrinated with guilt about enjoying their life."

Check out Matthew's full photo shoot and interview in the Attitude Body Issue, out now.

Hit the play button below to hear our recent interview with the woofy Mr. Camp where he talks on the control he enjoys on his OnlyFans page.

(h/t Attitude)

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