InstaHunks Don’t Influence Our Political Opinions But A Few ‘Likes’ Made Me Pause

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For the most part, it’s pretty safe to say the gays like Britney Spears and the gays like eye-candy. So, it’s almost a twofer that Brit’s man, Sam Asghari, is easy on the eyes.

Like a lot of folks, we’ve occasionally clicked on his Instagram thirst-traps for momentary brain breaks.


But, for some reason – and I still don’t know what it is – I was surprised when a Twitter user pointed out that Asghari had ‘Liked’ Instagram posts by Donald Trump.

Britney Spears' fiance Sam Asghari is a Trump fan

Sure enough, I went to the Trumpster’s Instagram (which I never do) and, when someone you follow ‘Likes’ a post their name shows up, there it was.


Huh. How about that…

Now, I want to be clear that a ‘Like’ on an Instagram post doesn’t signal Britney Spears’s “support” for Trump. And I’m not saying this is the biggest thing in the world – It’s not like he doesn’t get to like whatever political figure he wants. 

But for some reason, it did make me pause.

Maybe since Britney has spoken out in support of Dreamers, and the Trump administration has gone after Dreamers to such a huge extent, it seems surprising? Maybe we assume couples tend to be like-minded?


Or Asghari’s Insta-posts go for that ‘uplifting’ kind of tilt that seems so the opposite of Trump?

When folks noticed the ‘Likes,’ Asghari responded in his Stories by making a joke writing, “I get soo many questions about politics and who I’m voting for…Let me tell you how much I know about politics! I think donkey and elephant both need to workout badddd.”

He added, “I’m in no position to point out and make statements about politics.” He went on to encourage folks to “do your own research and vote based on that information not based on someone opinion that barely knows who the president is.”

(screen capture)

Fair enough, although it seems like a dodge. I did wonder, though, does Asghari really get a lot of questions about politics and who he’s voting for? Or was he dancing around the Donald in the room?

I’m not demonizing Asghari, but the moment did move me to step back and ponder (again) how being good-looking gets some people a pass from some folks. 

All you gays that keep liking Aaron Schock posts, I’m looking at you.

A couple of years ago, I was interviewing an InstaHunk for my podcast regarding a project he was working on, and in the course of the chat, it became clear through a couple of remarks that he was a Trump supporter and commented that ‘Russian interference in the 2016 election didn’t really happen.’ While it took me aback at the time, before I posted the episode I checked to see if he was good with that being included and he said ‘yes.’


Sure enough, I got emails from listeners – who knew I’d featured the guy on my blog in the past – with some question marks and raised eyebrows. I guess, in our own heads, we make a lot of assumptions about who folks are in their internet Insta-Lives and are surprised when things don’t align?

Who knows why Brit’s guy liked the posts? I know I don’t.

But I am paying a little more attention to who ‘Likes’ what on the Gram of Insta and then considering why I might be following them.

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