InstaHunks Were Busy This Week Working, Dancing, Napping, Networking

Dr. Marco gets ready for his hospital rounds
Dr. Marco aka RunAndLift (via Instagram)

First up, Dr. Marco (above) got started on his rounds at the hospital (why doesn’t my doctor ever look like this?) Follow the good doctor on Instagram here.

Joel Green got his Vitamin D via power nap in Spain:


Actor Jim Newman (DaddyHunt: The Serial, After Forever) got down with his daddy dance:


Dentist Curtis Fitzgerald waited for the sun to peek in and say hello:

Bruno Tarchetti was “networking” this fine Sunday (per Google Translate)


After embracing his pandemic weight gain, Bruno Baba says he’s going on a diet. We think he looks just fine…


Pierre Vuala shared this mesmerizing video on him getting his stretch on:

Kiko Riaze shuffled through a range of emotions to get the right selfie down in Rio de Janeiro:


Christian Hogue took a hot shower nap after snow boarding up in Big Bear, CA:

And Shaun T was working it out in Hawaii:

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