Instinct Digest – 1/14/19 – From Big Brothers To The Perfect Son And A Rising Star To One Gone Too Soon


Here are some of our recent most read stories,
original pieces you won't find anywhere else, 
and others we feel need to be shared again.



Florida's New Governor Excludes LGBTs In Executive Order

His new non-discrimination policy doesn't protect the gays



Gay Man Verbally Abused While Getting Pedicure

Woman became irate over being asked
to turn down speakerphone in spa


If You Can't Grab The Real Thing, Grab Something Harder

Cristiano Ronaldo statue's crotch rub may be
second to this other man's bronze bulge.


Did You Know Adam Lambert Was in Bohemian Rhapsody?

Neither did we! What role did he play?


24-year-old Gay Musician Kevin Fret Shot & Killed in Puerto Rico

"his passion was music, and he still had a lot left to do"


Short Film: 'Straight A' Packs A Punch

8-minute film explores 'the perfect son' coming out to his father


Celebrity Big Brother 2 Has Several Gay Faves

Who will vote to evict who starting January 21st?


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2nd Man Dead At Ed Buck's Home Was An Adult Performer

Will authorities find legal responsibility in
Buck's fetish for black sex workers?


Wrestler Anthony Bowens Finds Used Condom Under BF's Bed

Condom was planted as a prank, but how does he react?


Internet Explodes At Logan Paul's "Gay For A Month" Joke

His bright idea? “It’s male-only March."


North Carolina Loses $60 Million Over Anti-LGBTQ Law

Netflix refused to shoot new series there thanks to HB142


Alex van der Hoek Has Another Hit – 'Georgia Summer Dream'

Up and coming LGBT music star has us wanting more


Boxers and Smirnoff Vodka Team Up For Their 2019 Calendar

Gorgeous Men of Boxers, In-And-Out Of Their Boxers


Travel Thursday: 2018 Trips That Were The Tops (Part 2)

Here's our part two of our travel round up for 2018


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