Instinct Digest – Feb 4, 2019

Here are some of our recent most read stories,
original pieces you won’t find anywhere else, 
and others we feel need to be shared again.

Ibiza, Have You Been?  You Better Go Now Before It’s Gone.

Too Much Cruising on Beach is Ruining Ecosystem

Geologists urge gay men to stop frolicking in the sand



HRC Reports States’ Ratings On LGBT Equality

If we are not succeeding nationally,
how are we doing at the state government level?


Armed Man Disrupts Drag Queen Storytime

“We have a bunch of homosexuals that
are molesting children!”


UK Couple Became First Gay Couple To Own A Sports Team

“We announced ourselves as a same-sex
married couple, which was met with applause.”


Supreme Court Candidate’s Homophobic Posts Resurface

“He has an agenda that is “personal, extreme, and radical.”


Horrible Stats Drive County To Up Fight Against HIV

“County has one of America’s worst HIV epidemics”


Jussie Smollett Made His First Appearance Since His Attack

“I Fought The F*** Back”


We’ve had some people state that they are not seeing us as much on Facebook.
It’s mainly to do with their algorithm and the fact that we post links to our stories
which takes people away from Facebook and they don’t like that. 

Check out a new Facebook Group, OUR GAY LIFE.
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Tennis Star Shares Own Crotch Shot. Love – All

Andy Murray realizes is mistake,
but we’re gonna look anyway. X-ray glasses on!


Parkland Activist To Attend State Of The Union Address

Cameron Kasky helped organize March for Our Lives after mass shooting


France Is Sending A Gender Bending Gay Teen To Eurovision

But he has already received death threats.


Jeff Lewis & Partner Gage Edward Separate After 10 Years

“We were like friends with benefits,”
says the Bravo reality star


Chilling Pics of Stars With Their Younger Selves.

Would you want Timothy Rawles to do a portrait like this for you?


Indian Companies Are Thirsting For Gay Customers And Money

Legalize homosexuality and the money will come… apparently.


Travel Thursday: Bahamas – Great Place to Visit While Gay?

On Your Bucket List? Safe?
We and Canada say Yes, No, and Maybe


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