Instinct Digest – March 7, 2019 – Gamers Unite, Girl Groups Bests, Neverland Chills, & HIV Cure?


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Second Man Cured of HIV After Transplant

London man is free of HIV after very dangerous and harsh transplant


This Is How I Started To Heal After I Was Raped

Immediately after the act happened, the murmurings of “I said no” and “that shouldn’t have happened” were locked away in my mind.


A Kiss On the Forehead Sets Uber Driver Off

"We felt shocked and upset, something so innocent and to be treated like scum."


New Study: 4.5% Of Adult Americans Identify As LGBT

Guess where the highest percentage of gay folks live?


Florida Considers Adopting AND Banning LGBTQ Protections

What percent of gay Floridians are currently protected against discrimination?


BD Wong Talks Being Gay/Asian & His Gay "SVU" Character

On how his character came out: "It felt a little cheap to me."


AGT Host Terry Crews Gets Slammed On Twitter

He tweeted that kids raised by same-sex parents are 'malnourished' when it comes to love


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Spanish Short Film 'Young Innocents' Too Graphic for Some

Film gaining praise at festivals, but story has been banned


Leaving Neverland Leaves No Room For Doubt

But, Why Are So Many People Quick To Defend An Alleged Pedophile?


D&D Fans Give $1.8M To Kickstarter For LGBT-Inclusive Show

"Critical Role" got nearly $2 M in 2 hours with 45 days to go?!


Counting Down the Top Ten Girl Group Singles

Did your favorite make the list?


Coming Out, Film, Rodeo, Sobriety, Partying The Ducati Way

"that’s not the reality, that’s your fantasy, which I appreciate but in reality, I’m not doing any of those things."


Brazilian President Posts Explicit Video Against LGBTQ

The publicly homophobic politician mocks LGBTQ Brazilian residents


Hottie of the Week is Texas Native David Quintanilla

Fashion meets photography meets sexy with our latest choice.


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