Instinct Digest – November 1, 2018

Here are some of our recent most read stories,
original pieces you won’t find anywhere else, 
and others we feel need to be shared again.

Gay Wedding Dance Goes Viral

Disco, salsa, lifts and more made this ‘the time of their lives’

Thanks guys!  We needed some positivity!


Did ‘Rocketman’ Star Taron Egerton Just Come Out?

Taron shared a pic on his Instagram with a cryptic message


There’s More to the Trans Flag During the World Series

EXLUSIVE INTERVIEW: What people don’t know about
the actions that led up to the demonstration


Tanzania Governor Declares War on Gays

Homosexuality is illegal in Tanzania. Punishment for the crime is astonishing and disturbing


Cast Of Queer Eye Make Less Than Many Other TV Stars

Should they go in and renegotiate ASAP?


Trans Man Told To Leave Men’s Sauna

“If you had t*ts and a d*ck, it would be fine”


“Toothless Racist” identified As 58-Year-Old Gay Man

Blames his now-infamous traffic rant on being bi-polar


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Straight Couple Attacks Gay Men In Key West Hate Crime

Haters yelled at one of the men for wearing a Speedo


Instinct Insta Hottie of the Week: FreakySexyMexi

His NSFW Spooktacular booty will keep you up at night


Students Fight Back Against Ban on LGBT Events

Polish students dress in rainbow in protest of
Poland’s governmental threats


Jake Shears Lets it All Hang Out on Late Night

An added bonus to his song “Creep City”


Will Gay Men Ever Have Another Great Gay Show?

Maybe it’s our fault or is the quality just not there?

Brazil Elects Far-Right Homophobic President

Jair Bolsonaro has been called ‘the Trump of the Tropics’


Opening Up Instinct’s Instagram To See Who’s Tagging Us

From Halloween, to bears, to a Trophy Boy, here are this weeks tags.

Tag Us Tuesdays. Have you tagged and followed us?


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