Instinct Digest – November 12, 2018



Here are some of our recent most read stories,
original pieces you won't find anywhere else, 
and others we feel need to be shared again.



McElhenny Undergoes Stunning Transformation For Season Finale

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' actor got jacked for coming out dance sequence


New Study: Tops & Bottoms Wish To Take PrEP Differently

We don't all prefer the pill method.


A Florida City Elected An All-LGBTQ City Commission

It's only the second US city to do so.

Portrait Series Focuses on Positive Body Image for Men

Anthony Patrick Manieri’s ‘Arrested Movement’
is something that needs to be seen.


The Lamentable De-Gayification of 'Beautiful Boy'

Glaring omissions are irresponsible and harmful,
and flattens the drama to boot.


Conversion Therapy Bans Coming to at Least Four States

Great news for LGBTQ people! See what the
midterm results might have to do with the movement.


SNL Joked About Colorado's First Openly Gay Governor

And Polis's response to the SNL mention was….


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Calum Scott's MV For "No Matter What" Has Us Crying

"She wrapped her arms around me, said, 'Don’t try
to be what you’re not, cause I love you no matter what.'"


Tanzania: Mixed Messages on Anti-Gay Persecution

Commitment to Rights Means Ending Arrests, Discrimination


Yas! The All Stars 4 Cast is Here!

Who will join Chad, Alaska, and Trixie in the coveted
All Stars Hall of Fame?


Chris Pine. No Clothes Whatsoever. Here It Is

Does it live up to the months of hype? NSFW


London Man Gets 15 Years For Using Tinder To Catfish Men

It was supposed to be a bit of honest fun
between two consenting adults."


A Group of Trans Women Beat Up a Man for Provocation

Did standing up for themselves go too far?


Travel Thursday: Fort Lauderdale Perfect for Thanksgiving

There's just enough time to plan your holiday weekend
in "The Venice of America."


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