Instinct Digest – November 19, 2018


Here are some of our recent most read stories,
original pieces you won't find anywhere else, 
and others we feel need to be shared again.



"NO GAYS ALLOWED" Billboard Displayed Over Times Square

But it's not the anti-gay poster you think it is.



New Survey Explores Quality Of Life For LGBTQ Southerners

“What gets measured is what matters. LGBTQ people matter.”


The Latest Ex On The Beach Cast Is SO Extra!

MTV Gives Us Gay Lovers Quarrels!


'Empire' Star On Fighting Against A White BF For His Role

"We have a such a beautiful opportunity to show two
black men in a relationship together…
wasn’t anything against white men."


Plot Thickens for Gay Man Charged with Wife's Murder

He met 'a handful' of men on Grindr and
was planning to move with his male lover


Two Philadelphia Gay Bars Threatened With Gun Violence

Philly police have upped patrols and initiated an investigation.


Jude Law And Ezra Miller Talk Gay Dumbledore Controversy

“This film is not about his homosexuality,
nor does his sexuality define him."


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Insta Hotties Brave The Cold & Snow

But who will keep them warm???


India Airs First Ever All-Male Reality Dating Show Episode

11 men, 10 floors, 1 elevator, and 1 chance at love.


Cover Of A Song From "A Star Is Born" Has Us In Tears

Even better, it's the first song the couple has recorded together.


Former Dallas Cowboys Linebacker Comes Out

Jeff Rohrer shares his story in advance of his upcoming wedding


Stonewall Hosts Premiere Of Film About Gay NYC Policemen

“From where we were in 1982 to where we are today
is a world of difference and it’s so much better."


From Fund Raiser To Good Clean Fun, Drag Bingo Is Thriving

Bingo, a drag no more?


Travel Thursday: Portland, Oregon Satisfies On Many Levels

We barely tapped the bars, restaurants, and the boys,
but we fell in love with 'The City of Roses'


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