Instinct Digest – October 11, 2018: From Talented Aussies to PrEP, Safety, & Politics


Here are some of our recent most read stories,
original pieces you won't find anywhere else, 
and others we feel need to be shared again.


Gay Lyft Rider Calls Cops On Driver And Uses Racist Slurs

"Tell me why I’m in a Lyft and the n***a f**king pulled over…
The n***a’s recording me without my consent."


Being Husky and Gay is Simply Awesome

That pizza won't eat itself.


California Man Acquires HIV While On PrEP

Believed to be first U.S. infection with verified
adherence to PrEP regimen


Trans Student Barred From Locker Rooms During Lockdown

Teachers debated whether she should be allowed
in the boys' or girls' locker room


Porn Star Kyle Dean Dead At 21

And while the porn industry connection is titillating,
correlation isn’t necessarily causation.


Teacher Faces Charges After Sex With Student in Classroom

The two met on Grindr and engaged in extra curricular activities in class


Model Phoenix Keating is Our Insta Hottie of the Week

Gorgeous Australian giving us
more Freddie Mercury than Rami Malek?


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Out Artist Philip La Rosa Debuts New Single "Drowning"

The gorgeous video explores our struggles to stay afloat
in a sea of emotions


Australia’s Sexiest Firefighters Go International

  So hot that we flooded our basement, first floor,
top floor and surrounding streets.


How Often Do You Share Your Coming Out Story?

"There is no coming out of the closet handbook or specific rules, and nor should there be one."


Learning How to Cope with Mental Health

World Mental Health Day is October 10th

Atlanta, GA and San Antonio, TX received perfect scores
in the Municipal Municipal Equality Index

Gay Runner For Maryland Delegates House Gets Major Support

"Gabriel is part of the new wave of young progressive Latinos
who are running for office to effect positive change."


While We Weren't Looking, Trump Signed New Law Changing Airline Travel

New FAA Act Stems From Travel Moment Gone Viral.
Addresses passengers, flight attendants, airlines, and space travel,
but doesn't protect our wallets from fees.


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