Instinct Digest – October 8, 2018: From Being a Daddy, Hearing Love for the First Time, and Men in the Streets.



Here are some of our most read stories of this past week,
original pieces you won't find anywhere else, 
and others we feel need to be shared again.


The First Thing This Deaf Man Hears is a Proposal

I 'm not crying–you're crying!


Naked Men Are Being Found Tied to Lamp Posts in Mexico

They've been beaten and none of them are talking


Is the Folsom Street Fair In Danger Of Being Pushed Out?

Some leather & LGBTQ activists worry about changes in the area


David Yates Says Dumbledore Is Clearly Gay In Sequel Film

Were the fans screaming queerbait wrong all along?


Jesus is Sending Homophobic Letters to People

The Man upstairs has something to say


Gay Couple Discriminated Against, Somehow It Isn't Illegal

Colton Southworth and husband were refused service
for being gay and most of the US is fine with that


Gay Rugby Player In Speedos Had A Bro Moment With The Rock

Openly gay rugby player Keegan Hirst got props from his sports hero.


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Pietro Boselli's Butt: An Appreciation (NSFW)

"The Hot Math Teacher" has taken his pants off again. Yay!


What Makes A Gay "Daddy?"

Matthew Dempsey explores "daddy" status


Exclusive: Lisa Ling Explores the World of Gender Fluidity

Why she thinks this will help our language change ‘with time.'


Arnold Schwarzenegger's Dad Beat Him; Thinking He Was Gay

Schwarzenegger's love of muscular men caused rifts in his household.


Disney Screenwriter Creating Series 'THE DISAPPOINTMENTS'

"I know so many friends and colleagues in the community
that just aren’t ready or prepared for this next life chapter"


US Tells Partners Of UN Workers 'Get Married Or Get Out'

But same-sex marriage isn't legal in most United Nations countries


Travel Thursday: Sacramento, CA Satisfies Our Hunger

As the Farm-to-Fork and State Capital,
this city knows how to throw a culinary party



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