Instinct Exclusive: Aris Is Focusing On Creativity & Perseverance With The Release Of His New Single “Through The Storms”

Art Courtesy of Aris

Like most New York City residents, singer/songwriter Aris is simply trying to keep his creativity fueled during this unprecedented time in our country right now. In keeping honest and raw about his feelings of isolation and depression, Aris has managed to craft some of the most wonderfully creative music yet, starting with the release of his latest single “Through The Storms”. The downtempo, yet majestic sounding single gives hope to those that truly can use it the most, showing the raw honesty and reflectiveness that the singer used to fuel his latest creative endeavor. I grabbed a few moments with Aris and he premiered “Through The Storms” exclusively with Instinct. We chatted about his work with the sublime pop songstress Paula Cole and how he has managed to keep his creativity thriving.

Michael Cook: Your new single “Through The Storms” dropped today, tell me about it;


Aris: My new single “Through The Storms” is the title track for my upcoming album (out at the end of the year). Like the whole album, this song is very personal to me. In the track, I sing about my struggles with depression, and with the world not looking as we’ve all expected it to. With themes of isolation, but also the drive for hope and perseverance, I think people will find it very relatable in these times we’re in and hopefully it will bring them some light.

MC: You’ve gotten to work with your idol Paula Cole several times now. What has it been like going from fan to collaborator?

A: It’s been a surreal dream where I still pinch myself. When I was a young teen first turning my songs into poetry, I looked strongly towards Paula’s music as inspiration for the type of artist I’d want to become. To have performed with her, and to have her as a featured artist on one of my records is an every-day dream come true! 


MC: How have you stayed creatively fueled throughout quarantine?

A: I’ve used the time to be reflective, which gives me a lot of fuel to be creative with. Because of the amount of time required to be spent at home, and life slowing down and shifting away from the usually fast pace that New York City is perpetually in, I’ve had a lot more time to be in the studio and give 100% of my attention to bringing ideas to life. It’s allowed me to focus on getting my new album together, and also producing music for other artists. For me, creating is a powerful form of therapy, and about the universal connection in finding our shared experiences. If something that I’ve gone through and I’m singing about can help or inspire others, what a gift… and that’s how we get Through the Storms.

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