Instinct Exclusive Clip! Get a Sneak Peak of Trixie & Katya’s New Episode of ‘UNHhhh’

One of the biggest digital series over the past couple of years has got to be UNHhhh, starring RuPaul's Drag Race icons Trixie Mattel and Katya.


The concept of their show is simple yet straightforward yet awkward yet hilarious and so on and so forth. They take a topic and talk about it in anyway they want. This has included items like high school, global warming and even their take on All Stars (which Trixie won earlier this year).

Instinct Magazine has an exclusive about the next episode, which premieres in its entirety at 12:00 PM EST today on WOW Presents Plus. The topic this time around? Hair, which is something they are very familiar with in the drag world with all the wigs they wear although not in the world outside of drag currently (at least for one of them) as Trixie has been rocking a bald head lately.

Take a look at our exclusive below from an all-new UNHhhh:



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