Instinct Exclusive: Professional Wrestler, Jake Atlas

Instinct Exclusive: Professional Wrestler, Jake Atlas!


Please Put Me In A Headlock!

WOOF! Okay, if there’s anyone to willingly receive a smackdown from, it’s none other than Professional Wrestler, Jake Atlas! I first introduced you to Atlas after he publicly came out of the closet to Gay Star News in an emotional interview. Upon reading the interview, Atlas had a little blip within the LGBTQ media. After careful investigation, I realized how jealous I was realizing he lived so close to me and like, I obviously could give a more exciting interview! No one gets questioned like someone during an Instinct Exclusive: Just ask Disney’s Jessica Marie Garcia and openly gay Hockey Player, Brock McGillis.

With some heavy convincing I’m not a total creep, Atlas happily came to my office in Los Angeles. Immediately, I’m greeted by his warm smile, bodacious body, and caring nature. I almost got a little starstruck: He’s attractive as hell and looks like a hotter version of my ex-boyfriend! How could I not be smitten?! After some nervous rambling from me to start, Atlas cocks his head, perks a smile, and asks where we begin. We sat down for an incredible interview where I talked probably too much more than he cared for, but I got the chance to explore more of his personality. Check it out, including some smoke show photos of Atlas and myself, below:




Mickey Keating: Wait, so I hear you’re a Nanny?


Jake Atlas: Yeah! I babysit for a gay couple who have two kids.

MK: Do they ever like, hit on you?

JA: [Laughs] No! They are super chill. They’re in their 50s, I’m like their son. They work in the Entertainment industry. One is the set designer of [an extremely popular reality television show]. I coach one of the sons for Gymnastics. When I stopped coaching, they needed someone to watch their kids. I was available!

MK: [Omitting reality television ramble: His boss works for a show my friend was on] What’s your favorite reality show?


JA: I don’t watch any. I barely watch scripted shows. I recently got into Riverdale. I watch the first season. But, it’s really hard for me to get into television. If I watch anything, it’s Wrestling. I study [the sport]. I need to watch it in order to be successful.

MK: Although you’ve already told of your start of Wrestling, please give us a mind refresher.

JA: On the circuit, professionally, I’ve been Wrestling for over a year and six months. Though I’ve been training for over three years.

MK: Did you have the Wrestling action figures when you were a kid? I remember having the Sable and Jacqueline action figures…because I thought they we’re hot. I loved them!


JA: [Laughs] I had everyone! I had Trish Stratus, Lida, The Rock, Stone Cold…all of them! I don’t have them anymore, though! I had a rebellious phase where I hated the world and everything so I tossed a lot of my [Wrestling memorabilia] in the trash. Even those toy [WWE] belts!

MK: What?! Why!?

JA: I don’t know! I guess, I was struggling with…well, I had a crush on a guy. I was going through a rebellious stage. It was a cause and effect. Since I was acting up at home, my mom would punish me. She’d punish me by making me not watch Wrestling. So, at some point I just F this and tossed things. [Throwing away my dreams] was my way of coping, which I regret so much.

MK: In your Gay Star Interview, you mentioned you’d bully the boys you had crushes on! You owe someone an apology! And I say this as someone who has slept with his high school bully! I can relate to the boys you were talking about.


JA: In second or third grade, that’s when I would see a boy and be like: “I feel something”. Maybe not, I know you’re cute, because I didn’t know what that meant yet. I wanted to be their friend and would get jealous if they were talking to other boys. I wanted to be around them all the time.

MK: We’re they gay boys?

JA: No. They were just regular dudes. I almost kept them around me like my bodyguards. I think they were a little intimidated of me. I would make fun of whoever they were talking too. I specifically recall one of [the guys I liked] had a birthmark which I used to make fun of all the time. If I liked a guy, I would act like I hated him.

MK: Are you still friends with them?


JA: [Laughs] No, I have no idea what they are doing right now. I stopped being friends with them because I moved.




MK: So, I’m dying to ask. Am I getting a date or what? What’s your type?

JA: Well, I’ve only had one boyfriend. I don’t really know what I’m into. I don’t have a type. I haven’t experienced much. I’ve always been afraid of being in public with someone.

MK: You cannot sit there and tell me you don’t have a type. There is one attribute you have to be attracted too. Unless you’re like, asexual?


JA: [Laughs] I’m not asexual. I’m into dating, for sure. Okay, fine – he has to be athletic. Not necessarily Masc4Masc, but someone who I can go skydiving, cliff diving, anyone who like adrenaline activities.

MK: Okay! So, you just literally described Masc4Masc!

JA: [Laughs] Okay, well, someone who isn’t afraid of anything and knows how to cook! I don’t know how to cook. I’m Hispanic, my mom always cooked everything for me growing up. Otherwise, esthetics I don’t care too much. I like someone who can make me laugh.

MK: What’s the last date you’ve been on?


JA: The last date I’ve been on was three years ago. That was the official date. I’m usually the one who pays, it makes me feel more comfortable.

MK: How about your ideal date? Are you a homebody or a club boy?

JA: I’m both! I can chill at home and watch movies. But, I love to go out and drink with friends. I’m not looking to date, but I’m open to it as long as they understand my goals and ambitions. Someone great will have to come along to change my relationship status.

MK: Thank God! I was looking at your photos hoping you didn’t only work out all the time.


JA: I’m 23-years-old! I want to act my age. I’m responsible and [get my work done], but I do have time to go out and have fun.

MK: Do you have a big family? You’re giving me oldest sibling vibes.

JA: I’m the middle child! I was raised by my mom and I have a brother and a sister. I’m close with both of my siblings. I’ll watch the NBA Lakers with my brother, but I love my sister and am really close with her.

MK: Okay, back to wrestling. I’m aware there’s good guys, coined Face, and bad guys, termed Heel. Which are you?! Do those terms even apply to Professional Wrestling?


JA: Oh yes they do! And, that’s a very good question. I am a Heel! I’m a bad guy. It’s easier for me to be the [villain]. It’s more fun to play a character and be a dick. I walk around and call myself a superstar. It’s all about ego.

MK: What’s your favorite Wrestling move?

JA: I perform what’s called a DDT. It’s where I grab someone by the head and plant them down. I do that from the top rope and do a cartwheel into it. I ended up calling this move the LGBDDT. [Honoring the LGBTQ community] (Check out the move below:)



#tbt Cartwheel DDT.

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MK: I have to ask: Are you getting turned on while you’re performing?


JA: Absolutely not! I am out there Wrestling and doing my job. I’m not getting turned on by anyone. I don’t even like to mix my personal life with professional. I’m only speaking out now to reach out and help others.

MK: You claim to be one of the openly gay Professional Wrestlers. Does this mean you know there are some closeted Wrestlers in the business?

JA: Oh, one-hundred percent. I’m not going to sit here and out them. I’m not hooking up with them, but if you’re gay you just know. It’s from an interaction or comment or innuendo that’s made. You can draw conclusions. To clarify, I was the first openly gay Rookie of the Year – or perhaps the first openly gay winner of any Professional Wrestling Award which Southern California presents.

MK: Are you planning to use your title – or profession – to rise in the LGBTQ community? I’ve seen plenty of gay celebrities come up from nothing and try to make appearances at every gay event in the world. Your title could take you incredibly far with branding.


JA: I see what you’re getting at. I do want to get more involved with the LGBTQ community. Ideally, I’d like to be an ambassador to connect the LGBTQ community to Wrestling. I would love for Wrestling to have a face in the nationwide Gay Pride Parades. But, I’m not too familiar with more parts of the LGBTQ community. I don’t even know what White Party Palm Springs is. I hope I can be involved in the events in the future though. I unfortunately don’t even have gay friends. I wasn’t open about my sexuality for so long. I would occasionally venture to West Hollywood though to feel more of myself. No one cared or seemed to notice me. They were all drunk anyway.

MK: Well, with those dimples; the LGBTQ community is going to eat you up!

JA: [They can have a little piece of me by purchasing my Jake Atlas shirt, I’m The Bomb. Shoot me a message on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and I’ll make sure you get one!]

MK: Let’s be real: After being on Gay Star News, your social media has to of been blowing up. How many unsolicited nude photos have you been receiving?


JA: Ohh, a lot! I honestly think I received over a hundred nude photographs of strangers. After one article, I gained a lot more social media followers and the pictures followed soon after. I wasn’t attracted or in love with anyone who sent me these pictures. [Laughs] I barely even took the time to look through them. I added people who sent me an actual message, otherwise I ignored the rest.



Out of my way, commoners.

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MK: What are your goals for the future?

JA: I want to be in the WWE. I also don’t want to be a gay Wrestler. I want to be a Wrestler who happens to be gay. Success is subjective to whatever the individual considers. However, the general success of getting into the WWE and being in the Hall of Fame is rare. I’ve got what it takes. I want to be a WWE Champion who is gay. That is my main accomplishment.

To keep up to date with all of the going on’s in Atlas’ life, don’t forget to follow him on Twitter and Instagram!

Writer’s Note: Quotes have been edited for clarity.

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