Instinct Exclusive with Brooklyn-Based Celeb DJ Logan’s Run

Credit: Anthony Ryan Tripoli

DJ Logan’s Run (real name Christopher Logan) has a lot going for him. One: he’s an extremely sexy ginger with some marvelous chest hair. Two: he’s a talented photographer whose work has been seen at New York Fashion Week and quoted in Teen Vogue. Third: he’s an exceptionally gifted DJ that is getting ready for one heck of a WorldPride celebration this weekend.

The Brooklyn-based DJ has also worked with some pretty big names in the industry, notably Troye Sivan, Taye Diggs and the one and only Cher. Now he’s set to take over WorldPride this weekend by keeping the hundreds of thousands of people pumped with his set at a very popular gay bar in the heart of Chelsea.


He chatted with me about many aspects of his life including how he got into the world of DJ’ing, his most memorable moment thus far in his career and what he has planned for WorldPride attendees.

Credit: Anthony Ryan Tripoli

So should I assume you have some obsession with Farrah Fawcett based on your DJ name? 

That’s very funny. I did as child have visions of having Farrah’s hair, didn’t everyone?? Sadly mine was more reminiscent of Annie, bright red and very curly. So that idea went down the drain pretty quickly.


Actually, my DJ name does stem from the movie Farrah starred in, Logan’s Run.  My mom was obsessed with it, and I was named after the film. I make a point of watching it every year.

How did you get yourself into the world of DJ’ing in and out of New York City?

I grew up in the South Beach nightlife and have always been drawn to music and the industry surrounding it. In the late 90’s/early 2000’s I worked at D’Vox magazine, a music industry publication in South Florida, where I had the opportunity to photograph and meet all the top DJ’s at the time.

It was a very exciting time in dance music. I knew that one day I would be behind the decks. I sat down with my friend Frankie Sharp a couple years ago over a weekend where he taught me the ropes. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I ran with the concepts and began teaching myself and learning online, In addition to learning from my mentors like Bill Kelly. the co-founder of Winter Music Conference. It all started from my roots in Miami and grew from there.


A lot of DJ’s travel the world, something many of us don’t have the luxury of doing. Has there been one experience so far that has far exceeded the others in your DJ journey?

Wow, well one personal goal of mine that exceeded my expectations greatly was bringing the party I founded in 2017 called Faith Lift Party to Miami Music Week/Winter Music Conference.  As a young person growing up in Miami, I remember attending the events that Winter Music Conference would have.

I invited DJ Beargazer to join me in building Faith Lift Party, and since then we took over the Catalina Hotel and Beach Club in 2018 & 2019. That concept alone exceeded my wildest imagination. Playing on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach during that week was a dream come true.

What are your overall thoughts on the gay DJ scene? Has it become overcrowded with too much of the same sounds?


You know, music is always open to interpretation. I do feel that some DJ’s may feel pressured to create a style that “sounds gay” in order to be successful, whether that be in a small town bar or doing the touring circuit thing.

I’d love to see DJ’s explore a bit more to find a sound that’s uniquely their own. I gotta say, I’m grateful to work with so many venues like Rebar Chelsea that have allowed me to explore genres in my sets. Whether that be World Music to Portuguese Fado remixes, it keeps the night fresh!  I love seeing new talent, young and old, get into the scene. I jumped in a few years ago with decades worth of musical knowledge. I would love to see more of our female and Trans brothers and sisters being booked and recognized for their handwork behind the decks!  We have so many talented DJ’s in our community. Let’s showcase them!

What’s your take on WorldPride happening here in NYC? We are the first domestic city to ever host this iconic event.

Well I’m very excited that NYC is hosting WorldPride. It’s a historic year, in addition to celebrating Stonewall 50. I’m looking forward to celebrating with so many LBGTQIA+ and our allies on the streets at one of the greatest cities in the world.


One of my hobbies is to research cultural events throughout the year. I love getting out of my house and exploring the city. There are plenty of exciting events happening. I would have loved to have seen more events being produced that are open to the public and are accessible to persons of every financial bracket.  So many events in our community come with a price tag that is unattainable for many. That is no secret.

That being said, seeing more events bringing people together vs. keeping them secluded would be a breath of fresh air in our community. I’d love to see more articles that highlight budget-friendly events and activities for World Pride. There is a creative agency that is really working hard to bridge that gap and that’s the Mixx founded by Robyn Streisand -Luppino. I worked with them while DJing the Mercedes Benz “Together We Arrive” event with Betty Who and Jane Lynch. They are an official partner with Heritage of Pride for World Pride, you can check out all the great work they are doing in our community by clicking on the following link:

Credit: DJ Logan’s Run

Do you have any big plans for WorldPride?


Yes, you can catch me at my residency at Frankie Sharp’s weekly party BOYS on Friday at Rebar Chelsea. In addition me and DJ Beargazer will be on the Immigration Equality/Gay Wine Club float on Sunday. We’ll be spinning a special Faith Lift Party World Pride set along the parade route. I do have a few more events in the works. You can follow my Instagram @djlogansrun and website for all performance updates. 

Gotta ask: single or taken? If single, what do you look for in a guy?

I’m single and looking 🙂

  • Humor
  • Ambitious enough to try my recipes ( I love to cook)
  • Someone that loves to travel
  • Open to trying new experiences

Finally: what’s the end goal for you in your career?


Traveling more internationally, playing around the world and producing my own tracks (working on that now!!) In addition, I’d give Nomi Malone (Showgirls) a run for her money and have a residency in Las Vegas!

Lastly any music to share?

Yes, I’ve created a special World Pride mix exclusively for Instinct Magazine you can listen to here!



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