Instinct Exclusive With ‘Gaymer Guys’ Chase Kolozsi & Evan Michael Lee

Two cute and sexy guys talking about the latest and greatest in all things video games with an LGBT edge? Sign us up.


Evan Michael Lee (right) and Chase Kolozsi (left) make up the Gaymer Guys, a very popular series on WOW Presents Plus. The two self-described "frenemies" do something similar to what Raja and Raven do on Fashion Photo Ruview… only with the world of gaming where they openly discuss their feelings on a myriad of topics that happen within it.



The success of their show has gotten pretty big over the past year, as a ton of their content is viewed in the thousands with many fellow "gaymers" chiming in with their own two cents on whatever they are discussing (take for instance the "Gays in Video Games" clip above).


What's great about Chase and Evan is that they have found a niche that was untapped before they got to it and now are reaping the benefits from their viewpoints and, well… shade (the digs they take at each other are brutally delicious).

I sat down with these two handsome stallions to discuss how they met, their favorite video games and characters and what they are hopeful for with the Gaymer Guys' future. Take a look. 

How did the two of you meet in the first place?

Evan: We met at a fabulous night club in West Hollywood called Micky’s. We were both working there, and she was the new girl in town & honey, let me tell y’all… she’s come a long way. I mean, she’s not great now, but it’s a step in the right direction these days.


Chase: We met at Micky’s in West Hollywood. I was a cocktail/bottle service server and he was a gogo dancer (HA). He would come on for work around the time I was leaving every week so we would see each other in passing.

When did the process of beginning Gaymer Guys start, and was the idea for it to always just be the two of you?


Evan: Picture it… Venice Beach California, 2016, September. Chasity (Chase) got booked for a Facebook livestream show with SuperNews and they asked him if there was anyone he would be interested in doing the show with. He immediately thought of me since we’ve had countless conversations about video games, so it just seemed like the perfect fit. We were quite successful over there, but we got word from the higher ups that our show wasn’t coming back. As fortune would have it, that same week, we saw that World of Wonder was looking to develop a video game show. We reached out to them and they immediately said that we were what they were looking for. I guess you could say the rest is history.

For those who are unaware, tell us more about your popular YouTube series.


Evan: Gaymer Guys is a fun, commentary show about all things video games by two hosts who happen to be gay (Hence “Gaymer”). We are not the absolute authority on video games. We just like to have fun and talk about it. With our charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent, we hope you will take a ride with us on our journey, and feel free to DM us. We enjoy talking to the fans.

Chase: Gaymer Guys is a hilarious, catty and quick-witted take on all things gaming from the lens of two best-frenemies. While the show has a comedic, LGBT focus, we also discuss other minority representation in video games, cover live events, and play video games. Gaymer Guys is the first ever professionally produced gay video game show.

When it comes to being a "gaymer", is it more about gay men enjoying video games or finding gay elements within them?

Evan: A little from column A and a little column B. It’s just a play on words (gays love their puns). Yes, as we evolve more as a society, there are a lot more elements in video games that focus around LGBT characters, but also, gays play and love video games too. For anyone that’s looking to connect with more gays that are into video games, there are plenty of online community groups in your respective cities that you can join. Look into it. There are a few here in LA & they’re pretty cool guys.


Chase: A bit of both depending on the game. We both enjoy certain types of video games and they don’t have to feature a commentary on sexual orientation to be good. Journey is a good example of that. Obviously games like Mass Effect, Dream Daddy, Gone Home or even The Last of Us have gay elements, overt and not, within them and, so long as they are done right, it’s really gratifying to see that representation.

What video game character would you most likely want to sleep with and why?

Evan: Dante from DEVIL MAY CRY. Why? (Scoffs) look at him.

Chase: James Vega from Mass Effect 3. Latin. Tattoos. Muscles. Enough said.


Do each of you have a favorite video game of all time?

Evan: My favorite video game(s) are Metal Gear Solid 1 & 3 (I couldn’t choose between the two). If you like the combination of action, stealth, great dialogue, emotional depth, and all the feels…  then these games are right up your alley. 

Chase: The Last of Us is the greatest game ever made. Don’t @ me.


Outside of your show, are each of you single, dating or committed? If single/dating, what do you look for in a guy?

Evan: Single-ish. Recently met a guy and it’s been going really well. We haven’t had the relationship talk yet, but at the rate we’re going, I have a hunch it will develop into something wonderful. He’s really sweet and wonderful and makes me smile. Oh & he’s 6’7.

Chase: I am single and just looking for a text back. While Latin, tattoos, and muscles may be what I gravitate towards, at this point my dating criteria is mammal. In all seriousness, I look for men who are witty, present in the moment, funny, romantic, and a bit possessive. For instance, I like walking into a room and the guy wanting to make it clear we are together. I am in control of every aspect of my life so I kind of like when someone else steps in to take control of the situation once in a while. Also, I am the kind of guy that would send flowers to your job just because it’s Tuesday and because I like to find random ways to make you smile. I hope to find someone that wants to do the same for me.


What are you hopeful for in regards to Gaymer Guys in the future? 

Evan: TV!!!! (not kidding at all).

Chase: Oh lord, the obvious answer is for it to get a bigger audience and bring in some people who aren’t even a part of the LGBT community to view the show just because it’s fun to watch. Also, as soon as we found out Kameron Michaels was a nerd we wanted to get her on the show. She’s done a bunch of episodes with (the best is yet to come trust me) and we genuinely had so much fun having her on since we never had a guest before. It created a new dynamic we loved getting to play with, so in the future I think I would love to get Trixie Mattel to join in on the fun.

Want to know more about the Gaymer Guys? Follow their official link here, and their Instagram (Chase) and (Evan) here. 

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