Instinct Exclusive with Pop/Jazz Extraordinaire Spencer Day

Credit: Spencer Day

Is it possible to make jazz music mainstream? Utah native Spencer Day might be the guy to do that in the very near future.

The astonishingly good looking singer (who also blends pop into his stellar songs) has been in the spotlight for close to 20 years now. He appeared on the CBS reboot of Star Search in 2002 and is best known for his 2009 song “Til You Come to Me” which peaked at number three on the jazz charts.


He has also released six stellar albums over his illustrious career that include Vagabond, The Mystery of You and Daybreak, all of which did well on the Jazz charts. The 40-year-old has also performed on major programs like The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson.

Oh, one more thing. He’s gay, and happy to be so. Spencer came out publicly almost a decade ago but doesn’t see his sexuality defining who he is as an entertainer nor person which he talks about in my exclusive with him. 

Spencer spoke with me about his views on the Jazz world in 2019, his sexuality, how he spent Los Angeles pride in a very friendly manor and his excitement over his latest show taking place tonight in California. 

How was your LA Pride this year? 
For better or worse, I spent the majority of the day in the recording studio, but was able to get out in time to give a few friends drunk on champagne some big hugs and kisses so I feel like I was there in spirit.

Jazz has really had a hard time finding its place on the charts (unless you’re Kenny G, as stereotypical as that is to write). How do you plan on changing that?


Well frankly, I think Jazz needs to get over itself. Being hyper obsessed with boxing oneself into a genre means the music is not turning into a museum piece. I think anyone attempting to write new and original work to carry on the vibe, both with spontaneity and the swing of it, should be welcomed.

And jazz infusions show up all over the place with singers like Sharon Van Etten and Billie Eilish and we should be thrilled for that. I think they’re creating something new and putting it into the world in its highest tier, no matter the genre.

What’s it like to also be an out and proud singer in 2019?

Well, I kind of hoped we were getting to a point where we could start to make it sort of a non-issue and focus on our shared humanity, but if nothing else, the past few tumultuous years have served as a solemn reminder that we still have a very, very long way to go towards equality. 


Tell us about your residency at the Rockwell Table and your upcoming show on Sunday?  

Well, this is the final one and it’s a great way to go out. My friend who’s a star with the postmodern jukebox and the Cabaret chanteuse in her own right, Ariana Savalas, will be with me on stage. Lori Donato is the first musician who ever graciously let me get up on stage and I’m really happy she can join, as well. That, and of course the band is killing it. 

Gotta ask: single or taken? If single, what do you like in a guy?

I finally got partnered up after a drought that could make the Sahara seem rainy. So I think I’m gonna stick with it. So far so good. 🙂

In conclusion, what are your biggest hopes in your career?

To continue what I’m doing at an even higher level and hopefully, primarily for myself. I want to surprise myself with how far and even I can go and, in some small way, leave the planet a little better than I found it.

Spencer will also be playing at The Green Room 42 in NYC this Friday, June 21. Tickets are available here. More information on Spencer can be found here.

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