Instinct Insta Hottie JIm Newman – Star Of Hit Digital Series ‘Daddyhunt The Serial’

It's Hump Day! Which means it's time for Instinct's 'InstaHottie of the Week.'

Let's get to know actor/singer Jim Newman.

In addition to a lengthy Broadway resume (Hands on a Hardbody, Curtains, Minelli on Minnelli, Steep Pier, Sunset Boulevard, and The Who’s Tommy), Jim is also currently ‘The Cowboy’ in a very iconic 70s/80s disco band you know very well.

Jim also works extensively in TV and film including award-winning digital series' like Hustling, and this year’s After Forever, currently on Amazon Video.

Since 2016, Jim has played the oh-so-hunky daddy, 'Graydon,' in Daddyhunt the Serial, which chronicles the story a handsome ‘daddy’ (that we’d all like to date), and his younger boyfriend, 'Ben,' played by BJ Gruber.






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From the moment the series premiered, Daddyhunt the Serial became a big hit all over the world.

Jim recently chatted us about Daddyhunt, his iconic disco band, and how social media has become such a big part of being a working actor these days – in good and bad ways.

And speaking of social media, you should be following the hunky cowboy on Instagram, where he already has over 72,000 followers.

While folks can get to know him quite well there, I asked him to share ‘Five Things Most People Don’t Know’ about him.

Here we go:

1. He renovated his New York City apartment himself, and learned to do it from YouTube. Electricity, drywall, you name it. He chronicled much of that experience on his Instagram. According to Jim, ‘YouTube changes your life.’

2. The handsome furry-faced actor didn’t get hair on his chest, or couldn’t grow a beard, until his late 30s.

3. He  dated women until he was 31-years-old.

4. He prefer briefs to boxers – which you quickly find out if you check out his Instagram account.

5. And he loves Halloween. “I have a life-size skeleton sitting in my chair waving at me right now. I have bats, I have a skull, cobwebs…”

Here's the full chat with the charming Mr. Jim Newman:


And, let’s check out a sampling of this urban cowboy’s Instagram account.






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And here's a sample of the woofy singer doing what he does best:



(photo credit: Rob Lang)

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