Instinct Magazine Exclusive: Why Did I Become a Male Stripper?

On the road to success, many people take jobs that may seem a bit off kilter but they do it for a numerous amount of reasons.  One of those is being a stripper, which can have a dominant force of some sort when you are in the gay community.

Stripper has many different connotations to it, as it can literally just be that, or you could call it a "dancer", "gogo boy" or several others that at some points revolves around said person wearing little to no clothing after all.  We see these guys at all sorts of events, whether it's dancing on stage in a skimpy pair of underwear or going completely naked at exclusive parties all around the country.  What is the reasoning for why someone would want to get into this profession in the first place, and are they happy they did so at the end of the day?

For this sort of research, I took myself to the Adonis Lounge, which is the number one M4M (male for male) experience in New York City and Los Angeles.  It is one of the few around the country that specifically cater for men only, and if muscle is your thing, is definitely something to check out as the bevy of hot, chiseled guys that surround you is enough to make you feel lightheaded as the night goes on.

Adonis Lounge hosts an event twice a month where the men who are performing are wearing nothing but a pair of shoes.  That's it.  The voyeuristic angle here is fairly fantastic, as you see these insanely hot guys just walking around, swinging back and forth, all in their own pursuit of finding the right customer that will want to go get a lap dance with them and enjoy their night.  In reality though, are they themselves enjoying what they do?

I spoke with some of the guys there and asked them the question: "Why did you become a male stripper?"  Some of the answers were pretty self-explanatory but got the point across nonetheless. "I primarily do it for the money.  If you have the right persona and look, you can wind up leaving with way more than you thought you would and if it is done on a consistent basis can really lead to a great deal of cash flow for yourself," one of the men revealed.

Another enjoys it for vanity reasons.  "I enjoy the attention and being looked at.  A lot of guys here do, its a confidence booster when you are standing here either naked or wearing nothing but a pair of underwear and guys are just flooding you with compliments.  It makes you feel good and gives you a reason to want to do this and keep coming back for more."

There's also the satisfaction in what they give to the customer.  "I really like how to make a customer feel good,"  one guy confessed.  "You never know what kind of day they had, and if my body or something that I'm doing is helping them have a better day, or month, or year, then that makes me happy to do what I do."

Some do it to help others in the process.  "I actually became a stripper  to help take care of my mother," one of the porn stars who was there revealed. "I also take care of my older sister who isn't doing so well, so any sort of additional income like this definitely helps at the end of the day."

Is being a stripper or gogo boy something you would ever do, and for what reasons?  Let us know!

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