Instinct Magazine Exclusive with Model & Performer Pheonix Fellington

Pheonix Fellington is a relatively new name in the adult industry, yet for someone who has only been in it for a short time has amassed quite the following all over social media due to his gorgeous body, great smile, and his great ability to perform on camera.

He is also a multiple GayVN nominee at the upcoming 2018 award ceremony, including the coveted Best New Star where he is rumored to be a front runner.  Not bad for a guy from Florida who knew what he wanted and seized the moment when the opportunity presented itself.

Pheonix sat down with me to discuss how dancing led him into the industry, how he found out about being a GayVN nominee, thoughts about why racism should simply be extinct today, and why he wants to move to behind the camera next year.  Take a look. 


How did you find yourself in the adult industry?

It literally just became apart of my lifestyle and what I liked to do most. I met a best riend in Tampa, Florida, and he was a great dancer there. I got interested in doing it myself so I started dancing with him. We tore it up around Tampa and around Florida for a couple years together until I eventually joined porn in February of this year. 

Did you have anyone you looked up to that helped influence your decision to join?

I have a hard time looking up to people I don’t know. I look up to the great examples I have around me in real life.

Anyone you would like to work with, both star or director?

The stars I enjoy working with the most are the ones I meet online through social media and we flirt for months until we shoot a scene. I’m not interested in the people I don’t know personally. Connections are better when you know each other.

What has been your favorite scene so far and why?

I have a few favorite scenes because they were either shot incredibly, the guy was hot, or I jack off to them when I watch porn to get off myself.  They are with Wesley Woods, Rocco Steele and Michael Roman.

Congrats on your GayVN nominations! Where were you when you found out?

I was at the bar and my agent texted me.

What's your take on them changing the Best Ethnic Scene category and incorporating it into the Best Duo scene due to the racism backlash?

This question requires a ton a of thought and expression that I would only feel comfortable discussing during an in person interview. I can’t go into this subject with only one question. This is a cause for actual conversation.

What are your overall thoughts on racism in the industry?

Racism is racism regardless of my industry. Racism should be extinct. People need to really reevaluate themselves if they believe the color of skin on a human is anything more than a color. The color of our skin is only the color of our skin. It means nothing else.


Any big plans for 2018, both in and out of porn?

I will be transitioning myself out of porn in 2018 as I dive deep into the directors/producers chair. I will be starting my adult entertainment website in the new year as well. I am trying an entirely different approach than websites have done in the past. I’m a perfectionist and won’t launch it until it’s ready. I’m not creating a porn website like all the others. There will be no “porn acting” on my site. The sex will be sex. The porn industry literally bores me and I will be switching it up the best way I can.  In 2018, I’ll turn myself into a business man and grow from there.

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