Instinct Premiere-The Newly Named Levonia Presents Her Ode To Middle Age, “50 Years Old”

It simply would not be summer if we did not have some new thumping music from our favorite Fire Island staple, Levonia-yes, just Levonia, who in the great tradition of Cher & Madonna, has now decided that a one name moniker is the way to go. Levonz made her triumphant return to the dance floor with her new single “50 Years Old”, and she brought along a couple of Fire Island’s newer kids along to appear in the video; Kimmee Moore & Davida Jones are Levonia’s co-stars in this ode to middle age. Shot by Ian Lee Sklarsky at Tim Tareco’s home in Cherry Grove, Fire Island the video is both directed and edited by Greg Scarnici with after effects by Rachel Ann.



Greg Scarnici (who directed the video) exclusively told me “this is the first music video I’ve directed during COVID, and for that reason, I chose to shoot mainly outside with just a few interior scenes. I also kept the crew minimal – it was literally just me doing music playback as my DP, Ian Sklarksy shot it with a mask on whenever we were inside. I also made sure Kimmi Moore and Miss Davida Jones – who also star in the video – were always wearing face shields and maintaining as much social distance as possible.”

I also caught up with the performer herself, with Levonia exclusively telling me “a pandemic isn’t gonna keep me down. But a night at the club til 6am will!”

Check out Levonia’s new single “50 Years Old” on Apple Music (and all streaming platforms)

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