Instinct Premiere-With Nods To Women’s Empowerment & LGBTQ Rights, Eveta Is Here To “Serve”

Jetting from Argentina to Toronto and influenced by artists from Michael Jackson and Madonna, Eveta’s latest single “Serve” is doing exactly what the title suggests. “Serving looks, serving face, serving attitude, serving is a lifestyle!” says the artist. Eveta is preparing to drop a video for “Serve” but grabbed some time to catch up with me to discuss the brand new single, quarantine creativity, & musical passion. 


Eveta says exclusively “I wanted to create an anthem that was fun and political. I grew up with 4 women and feminism is ingrained in me. At the same time, using the term SERVE, which came up in the LGBTQ community as a way of cheering drag queens but then extended to pretty much everyone using it. “Serving looks, serving face, serving attitude” serving is a lifestyle. Freddie Mercury served looks, voice, and theatrics. The video is in process. 3D animation, me and 4 girls conquer the moon by travellng in futuristic spaceship and planting the gay flag.”

Michael Cook: Tell me about the single “Serve”

Eveta: Serve is about Women’s and LGBTQ empowerment. I grew up gay with three sisters, mom, and dad. But the women in my life made a huge impact. My mom worked three jobs and was completely independent and fierce. I’ve always been surrounded by that strong female energy and I just admire that, it’s very familiar to me. And a lot of times I’ve looked up to strong women to overcome bullying for being different. This song is a celebration of that! Being unapologetically you, embracing your uniqueness and your inner power.


MC: When did you know that music would be the the passion you would be following?

E: I started off as a dancer so music was always a passion, but when I was around 10 I went on a fishing trip with my dad, and I was bored so I went to play with rocks in the water. But something happened because I started creating random melodies and singing them with random words. At that moment I was so out of it that I didn’t realize my dad had come just behind me and was listening. I was embarrassed but I had never felt so free! It was as if I had been in a trance. From that moment I knew I’d do music.

Tell me about how you personally classify the music you make… I like to think of my music as a trip around the world. I take influences from everywhere, but my wish is that people hear pop music when they listen to me. Pop is very difficult to make because it’s hard to come up with something that’s simple but memorable. Biggest inspirations… Shakira, Ricky Martin and Madonna are some of my favourite artists ever. I love artists that break the mold and stay true to themselves.

MC: How have you been staying creative during quarantine?


E: I worked on the visual side of my new EP. Lyric videos, artworks and music videos have been my focus. When I make music I like to be in the studio with the producer so so I haven’t been making music but definitely writing stuff. I can’t wait to get back in the studio!

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