International GoGo Boy Sam Gee’s Pants Ride Dangerously Low

For those of you who aren't familiar with Sam Gee… let us catch you up to speed.  He's 23, from Canada, Persian, a Finance Graduate, who we first drew a bunch of attention to when he appeared on MTV's True Life in the Episode "I'm a Go-Go God".  He attempts to inhabit the NYC go-go scene with a bunch of other well known dancers (one being the very hunky Seth Fornea) and take over The Big Apple.  Oh, and he's gay.  Yay.

His Instagram page boasts close to 200,000 followers, which continues to grow just like his muscles.  The thirst meter may have just exploded on us, as he just posted a photo today that shows his pants riding dangerously low.  The caption for the pic:  "Thick."



Word of the day: Thick

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Keep these photos coming Sam, and while you're at it… let us know where and when you plan to dance next.  Thanks!  

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