Internet Sensation Esther The Wonder Pig Is Getting A Film!

Esther with her dads Steve Jenkins & Derek Walter / Image via Instagram @EstherTheWonderPig

Esther and her gay dads are jumping to the big screen!

According to Deadline, CBS films has approved the production of a film called Esther the Wonder Pig.

The film will be based off of a true story of a gay couple that adopted what they thought was a pigmy pig (often referred to as a micro pig). But to their surprise, the couple later ended up raising a 640 pound internet sensation.

It seems adopting Esther changed Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter for life. They decided to open an animal sanctuary called the Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary. That sanctuary is “dedicated to rescuing abused, neglected, and abandoned farm animals,” according to its site.


I love hugs and baked goods.

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I used to get extra snuggles on Saturday mornings, but that was before Phil came and decided he wants all the snuggles.

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I live in one of those weird houses where every day is #loveyourpetday

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In addition, the two, along with Caprice Crane, wrote three New York Times bestselling books: Esther The Wonder Pig, a picture book version of the prior, and Happily Ever Esther. On top of that, they are working on two new books: A children’s book and a cookbook called Esther Approved!

“One of the primary messages we want to get through to readers of all ages is that families come in all shapes and sizes,” Jenkins told The Advocate last year. “It’s OK to be different too because that’s what makes your family special. That goes for animals too. We want them to realize how important it is to be kind to all kinds of people, and of course, all kinds of animals.” 

The film version of Esther, Steve, and Derek’s story will be led by Mark Ross who’ll produce on the behalf of CBS Films. In addition, Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis will write the film’s script.


Be the reason someone smiles.

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Joseph’s not the only one with a coat of many colors.

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h/t: Deadline

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