Interview: John Duff Is Not-Not Straight in “Somebody’s Daughter”

One of my favorite queer artists we’ve interviewed in Instinct is none other than John Duff. One of our international writers brought him into the Instinct music fold back in 2018 (“Jesus Told Me The T” – An Interview With John Duff) after seeing his vivacious Instagram.


If you aren’t aware of John Duff yet, you’re going to. Sit up, take notice and get on his level. John Duff may be the most important gay pop star today, and he is yet to release his first single!

Since then, we’ve caught up with the sexy and talented and original John at just about every turn. When I posted that I was going to interview John on Instinct’s internal message board, heart emojis exploded everywhere. 

I never had the chance to interview Mr Duff before and I don’t recall us ever posting a recorded interview with the songster, so I didn’t know how his personality would come through “on tape.” Was he going to be this sexy fuk boi that had the looks and the talent, but you just couldn’t stand listening to him talk about himself? Was he going to be this amazing man that just draws you in and you cannot help but get caught staring at his radiant smile and engaging eyes? Or would he be the talented drama/band geek that is all quiet and reserved until he’s performing on stage or in the studio? I wanted to find out. 

What did we talk about? Geesh, I cannot remember fully but I know I was smiling throughout. Oh yes, sobriety, L.A., musical theater, gaybaiting, Onlyfans, his body and hair, religion, sexual fluidity and.. well, what didn’t we talk about. 

Image from Hokie Pokie

We didn’t go into extensive detail about his newest release “Somebody’s Daughter”. From his press release about the song/video:

In “Somebody’s Daughter,” his crooning ballad about unattainable and momentarily-rewarding sexual relationships, out artist John Duff turns the tables on gay baiting music artists like Harry Styles, Charlie Puth, and Nick Jonas.  
“Honestly, every artist today is gay baiting and LGBTQ+ media eats it up. Maluma took off his shirt; give it a grid post! As though every freaking gay isn’t posting shirtless pictures every day. It’s exhausting. That’s why I’m going against the grain in my new song and video – I’m straight baiting. Maybe, now, I can be fetishized too.” 

He shared in our interview that the “Somebody’s Daughter” song and video were a quick production as they had the space reserved and a song ready, but the costuming for the planned production “fell through” so a new song, new plan, and new video was quickly imagined and created. We think it came out smashingly. He smirkingly tells us that he had to go to all of the stripper clothing joints in Los Angeles for quick costuming purchases. 

“My spirit is wild, fun, and free and as a performer, I am shameless. As far as I’m concerned, shamelessness in your body and sexuality is a step toward enlightenment. Not away.”

We don’t mind you being you and showing your body off. Not at all. And we see a great amount of John in the “Somebody’s Daughter” video from ass crack shower scenes to reclining fellatio shots with blurred out pubes. 

Sex and sexiness is prominent in Mr Duff’s videos and songs. His “Hokie Pokie” song and video about eating out pussy (or bussy) is pretty much to the point, but unfortunately for him, “WAP” dropped just a few clicks after his release, wetting down the impact of his descriptive and instructional song.


But John also does touch on the value of being you. In his songs “Do It” he talks about just being you, and in “It Is a Sin” he breaks through the religious negativity of us fighting to embrace love is love is love is love and not sin. 

Enough is enough. Here’s our 30 minutes with John Duff followed by a handful of our favorite videos of his. Enjoy.

Thanks for the great time John. We wish only the best for you. Keep that authenticity flowing, sharing your talent, your spot-on social commentary, and those smiling cheeks, and those other cheeks. 


John Duff’s “Somebody’s Daughter” is being distributed independently and is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and all digital platforms.  Its video is available on his YouTube channelFollow John Duff on Facebook and Instagram @ iamjohnduff

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  1. I’m so sick of the gay baiting celebs to be honest. It’s one thing if they were actually gay. But enough is enough. I hope more gays will speak up about it.


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