‘Interview with the Vampire’ Series to Lean Into a Gay Subtext

American author Anne Rice’s 1976 gothic horror novel ‘Interview with the Vampire’ will have an upcoming TV series, and it is said to be adapting the original book’s queer subtext.


AMC officially announced in June 2021 that ‘Interview with the Vampire’ would be in production for a TV series adaptation, and it will have a total of eight episodes. Later on, it was also announced that Australian actor Sam Reid is playing the vampire Lestat de Lioncourt, meanwhile, ‘Game of Thrones’ star Jacob Anderson is taking on the role of his longtime companion Louis de Pointe du Lac.


In 1994, ‘Interview with the Vampire’ was adapted into a film starring Tom Cruise as Lestat and Brad Pitt as Louis.

The production for the 2022 TV series started last December, and it is set to debut in October. Furthermore, the first trailer of ‘Interview with the Vampire’ recently premiered at the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), which added more fuel to the anticipation leading up to its release.


According to Screen Rant, American writer Rolin Jones revealed during a panel at SDCC that the series will be exploring the gay subtext of the original novel. Moreover, the late author Rice is a producer of the upcoming ‘Interview with the Vampire’ series prior to her passing.

Source: screenrant.com

6 thoughts on “‘Interview with the Vampire’ Series to Lean Into a Gay Subtext”

  1. Uhh.. the original movie already had a pretty queer subtext. There was a definitely sexual relationship between LeStat and Louie, then Louie and Armand. I’m assuming that they are going to make the relationship more explicit with full-frontal nudity 🀞🏼

  2. The main characters from the movie version are 100% gay am I right? They raised that little girl as their own, there was so much sexual tension, I don’t believe they used the word gay but you can’t help but realize they were a couple.

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  4. So why then is Rice’s son, Christopher, explicitly stating that he has no more affiliation with the series, routing questions by fans to AMC? He stated that the network has gone a different way than what both Anne Rice and he had planned and as such, he’s left the production?

    Might want to do a follow-up.


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