‘Interview with the Vampire’ Spinoff Has Finally Found Its Writer!

‘Interview with the Vampire’s spinoff series, ‘Night Island,’ finally has a writer, and it just so happens to be Jonathan Ceniceroz, who is one of the writers of the original show.

As per Gizmodo, ‘Night Island’ “will follow a pair of burglars as they attempt to steal a painting rumored to be on the island, not knowing that the island is home to a coven of vampires.” The plot and location all seems to point towards the 500-year-old vampire, Armand, who is portrayed by Assad Zaman in the ‘Interview with the Vampire’ series.

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He is described as “one of the most chaotic goblin creatures in the series,” and according to the books, he was the one who ran Night Island for decades. Daniel Molloy, who is played by Eric Bogosian in the ‘Interview with the Vampire’ series, is his lover and favorite human.

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Armand sequesters Daniel in the island “for months at a time,” and the human would eventually return whenever he attempted to run away. Cannot wait for all the gay scenes, TBH…

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Not to mention, the plot where burglars are attempting to steal a painting also points to Armand, as he is one of the great art lovers in the series. In fact, his apartment in AMC’s ‘Interview with the Vampire’ showcased famous paintings by well-known artists.

Moreover, ‘Night Island’ will reportedly be a six-part series with short-form episodes, and it is set to premiere in late 2023 on all of AMC’s streaming platforms.

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