Interviewing The Guys With The Best Cakes On Instagram!

NSFW: The Best Butts Of Instagram!

Who Has The Biggest Slice Of Cake?!

#BUTTS! Okay, where are my fellow Tina Belcher fans out there? The Bob’s Burgers character plays a tween who is hilariously obsessed with butts – going so far as to creating Erotic Friend (Fan) Fiction over her fantasies. While the show handles this comedically, some of us truly do require a flawless rear in their partner. One easy way we can discover the next, best butt is through the tabloid of our lives: Instagram. There’s an endless amount of profiles dedicated to posting solely about the greatest male bottoms, err, butts of Instagram such as DatBubbleButt and Buffeest. After picking my jaw up from the floor, I was able to have brief interviews with four of arguably the best butts on Instagram! Check them out below:

Javier Duran, 28, a half-Venezuelan and half-Syrian Adonis, is a Manager of a construction company in Miami, Florida. Wait, what?! Can you imagine how many construction workers are hooting and hollering at this gorgeous piece of man?!



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Mickey Keating: “It appears your rear is your favorite body part to show off and we love to view it. What is your favorite body part on someone else?”

Javier Duran: “A nice ass! But, someone who is smart and funny. Physically, I don’t have a type. I’ve dated different ethnicities and have been very happy with each of them.”

MK: “What made you get into showcasing yourself…and your body, on social media? Did you expect to become incredibly popular?”

JD: “I love photography, working out and eating healthy.  When Instagram came out, it gave me a chance to post pictures with beautiful backgrounds and show myself at really nice places. Because of this, I have a huge fanbase and am extremely grateful for it. I did not expect to become incredibly popular because I love [posting photographs of my body] and [do it] for fun.”



MK: “Okay, I have to ask: Have you ever been caught naked in public during one of your photoshoots?”

JD: “Yes. I love being naked.”

MK: “What can we expect to see from you in the future?”

JD: “[I’m releasing] sexier and wilder OnlyFans videos. Subscribe and you will see. Expect to see more of my boyfriend, Jimmy Ramsay, and I. You can check out my OnlyFans website here.”

Jake Israel, a 24-year-old, biracial, bisexual Model from Dallas, Texas just stepped onto the scene of Instagram recently. He’s pretty much taking over and is a walking wet dream! You won’t want to miss the latest updates from this guy.



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Mickey Keating: “It's pretty clear you don't swing on my side of the field! Wait, do you?! Or are you just gay baiting? I’m dying to know!”

Jake Israel: “I actually do swing on both sides! I have video proof, too! All you have to do is head to Corbin Fisher…I perform under the name Devon.”

MK: “You do plenty of nude, outdoor photo shoots. Aren’t you terrified of getting caught?!”

JI: “I’ve had multiple close calls of getting caught but I haven’t…yet.”



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MK: “It’s clear your favorite part of yourself is your butt…but what do you find sexy in a potential partner?”

JI: [Laughs] “I’ve always been told I’ve had a big butt since high school. I do long distance cardio and squats, so maybe that helps. I love my butt, it’s my best asset, so why not embrace it? When it comes to females, I [appreciate] a great butt as well, and on men, it’s gotta be their abs [stomach].”

MK: “I believe you're a newbie to Instagram and the butt-popping scene. What made you get into it? Did you expect to become incredibly popular in just a few months? Your fan base is growing quicker than like, anyone I’ve seen on Instagram.”

JI: “I met this guy while I served in the Marines, PhdPepper, who has a huge following [more] than I do. He persuaded me to get into it while using an Onlyfans or Patreon [Pay per view adult websites]. You can check out my Patreon website here. He collaborated with me a lot to help get me started. He told me I would [become popular], but I honestly didn’t even know what to expect! I owe my start up and my beginnings to him.”

Writer’s Note: Low key, didn’t know about Israel’s porn past until he told me. Whoa! You’ve got to check out the NSFW bareback scene where Israel bottoms here!

Jeci Would is a 35-year-old, Lifestyle Manager from Los Angeles, California. I’ve been clutching my pearls, or manifesting a pearl necklace, from Would for years now! You must check out this sweetheart with the face of an angel below:



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Mickey Keating: “I have to know what my chances with you are. Please tell me your type of guy: Hurry!”

Jeci Would: [Laughs] “I mean, I really do have a wide variety of guys I’m attracted to. Toned to muscular, guys my age or younger generally. Racially, I just think beautiful is beautiful. I do have a weakness for guys just a little bit smaller than me I guess. I’m a ass man… no question about it. If you went out with me to a gay bar you’d probably figure it out in the first 30 minutes. If we’re talking dating then…. the closer to my age the better, educated, funny, and self-aware.  If he doesn’t like Game of Thrones he’ll need to be gone before morning.”

MK: “I just started working out…literally Tuesday. How can I get my ass as perfect as yours?!”

JW: “Lunges. I hate them so much.  Squats, donkey kicks, and dead lifts are great too but really I think it’s the lunges.”



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 MK: “It appears you’re taking these risqué photographs in mansions or paradise. Are you doing private photoshoots or are these in public eye?”

JW: “Except with the occasional daring photographer I’ve mostly just shot on private property. I’ve been naked in public plenty but there’s not too many photos catching me [Laughs]. I think I’m such an exhibitionist because the little kid inside me is still so shy and afraid of standing out or being caught. I feel like I have to rebel against it.”

MK: “Did you expect to make a wave on social media?”

JW: “Originally, I started focusing on Instagram [after seeing it’s popularity], because I was told if I ever write book or a blog then it would be an instant reader base. But, since then I’ve realized that more than half of my followers don’t even read my comments, they just see my ass and hear their own dialogue [Laughs]. I’m not banking on a reader base anymore but, maybe someday I’ll get back to writing. I was going through a breakup in 2015 and honestly, I just needed some validation. I decided to download Instagram.  Embarrassing, I know but, it worked. Just enough to get me over the initial feelings of inadequacy [Laughs]. I never thought it would become a thing. I made it a point to comment on [my follower’s] stuff when they engaged with me but, even that became too much to keep up with.  I definitely didn’t expect it to grow so much. I’m so embarrassed when people come up to me on the street and recognize me. I get so awkward.  Recently my boss found my account…I almost died!”

Jayk Knight is a 29-year-old from Everywhere, California is a biracial, proud, powerhouse Stripper. Knight is arguably one of the sweetest men with a booty to make you literally want to put a ring on it…get your mind out of the gutter, guys! This one's a keeper in all aspects! Whether it's his inviting nature or beautiful face, chances are he's the one you're going to be crossing your fingers for a text back. Quick, while we have him – you've got to get to know him! Let's take a peek into this busy boy's life:



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Mickey Keating: "Okay, so you're incredibly vocal about being a Stripper. How did you get into it?"

Jayk Knight: "It was one of my resolutions one year. It looked fun! [Laughs] I wanted to do go-go dancing, because you get your own space and don't have to be in a crowd full of people. I've always had non-traditional New Years resolutions. That same year, I even really wanted to be a Waiter. And I did it! [Laughs]"

MK: "Did working in a restaurant make you want to start stripping?"

JK: "No! [Laughs] It was just what a lot of people we're doing. It was at a Vietnamese restaurant in West Hollywood."



When you have to try on stuff you're making…

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MK: "Listen, it's so obvious everyone wants you! You have to have a type: Tell me!"

JK: "I get this question all the time! As long as you're nice to me and supportive, I like them. However, I like dark hair, eyes, and skin. I tend to go for Latin guys because I get along easier with them."

MK: "What's the craziest story you have from stripping?" 

JK: "I'm sober. Not with a capital S, I've never had a problem or an interest in drugs or alcohol. I've dealt with [drunk customers] for a long time. I always feel like the designated driver. You have to [understand] the drunk [patrons] intentions aren't bad, they're just more exaggerated. As long as someone isn't causing a problem or a danger to themselves or others, I'm fine with their antics. I've found in dive bars, a lot of people know their limit. In 18+ bars, people don't know their limit. I've had to be the person to help a drugged dancer one time. One of the too-trusting dancers [took a drink from a patron]. People think it's easier to get a dancer than someone [in clothes]."

There you have it! Some of the best butts on Instagram. Go follow, go like – go DROOL! If you have your favorite butt of Instagram, you must let me know! Until next time folks…

Quotes have been edited for clarity. 

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