Iraq War Veteran Opens Up About His Hopes for Trans Children

Eric Childs is an Iraq War veteran from South Carolina, which is one of the states that has some of the most vehement anti-LGBTQ+ laws in the US.

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In a powerful video, Childs spoke up for the rights of his trans child and other children. 


“I wanted that for my children one day. I love my kids, I’d fight tooth and nail for my kids,” he shared.

He continued by telling other parents to love their children and accept them no matter what their sexuality is. According to Childs,

“If you love your child, I need you to step back and love them enough to believe them when they tell you who they are. Love them at all costs, beyond everything.”

During an open session on January 10, the combat veteran expressed his disagreement regarding South Carolina’s gender-affirming care ban for individuals under 18. Not to mention, he also noted that he is “a very proud father of a trans child.”


“I find this bill to be an egregious overreach by our government. The American dream is for all people, not just those [who] attend church with, or are closely related to, our state’s legislators,” Childs further stated.

He continued, expressing:

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is for everyone no matter how they choose to live, how folks enjoy their liberty, or pursue their happiness.”

You can watch Childs’ powerful video here:


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