Ireland’s Video Submission For Eurovision Centers Around A Gay Couple

Eurovision is just around the corner, and one country is doubling down on gay representation to prepare.


Though Eurvision isn’t coming back until May, several competing countries are already submitting music videos for a chance to be played live during their semi-finals broadcast.

And why are we talking about it here? Because Ireland put forth a video that centers around a gay relationship.

Singing the song, “Together,” Ryan O’Shaughnessy is Ireland’s pick for the video contest. In the video, a gay couple dances in the street, which beautifully contrasts with the song’s lyrics talking about the end of a relationship.

As Out Magazine reports, O’Shaughnessy is thrilled to be a part of the contest and to have such a video represent Ireland.


“It was amazing seeing the video come to life in the way it did, sticking with the original concept that love is universal and there are testing moments in every relationship,” he told Irish news source RTE.

You can check out the video down below.

h/t: Out Magazine

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