Irish eyes are Smiling today! And maybe filled with tears of joy!

Rainbows galore are sprouting over Ireland in celebration. Congrats!


Not only are the Irish Men the sexiest men in the world according to Miss Travel, they can legally marry each other.  Prepare for the hottest gay married couples in existence to be blossoming soon from the Irish isles. 

Irish voters backed same-sex marriage by a landslide in a referendum marking a dramatic social shift in the traditionally Catholic country, government ministers and opponents of the bill said on Saturday.

Final results were not expected until later in the day, but ministers predicted Ireland had become the first country to adopt same-sex marriage via a popular vote by a margin of around two-to-one, just two decades after it decriminalized homosexuality.

The proposal was backed by all political parties, championed by big employers and endorsed by celebrities, all hoping it would mark a transformation in a country that was long regarded as one of the most socially conservative in Western Europe.

Only a third of the country backed the decriminalization of gay sex for men over 17 in 1993, according to a poll at the time. A supreme court judge in 1983 said homosexuality was "morally wrong" and contributed to depression and suicide.

State broadcaster RTE said up to 80 percent of voters backed the 'Yes' campaign in some working-classing areas of Dublin. The vote was much closer in many rural areas, but the vast majority of constituencies appeared likely to back 'Yes', RTE said.

"It's very hard for it to sink in, inside screaming and jumping already but I'm just waiting for that exact moment when I can say it," said Ger O'Keefe, 27, a gay 'Yes' campaigner from Waterford.

Congrats once to the entirety of Ireland.  Once hate is out of the way, love can flourish. 

One large difference to this vote was that the No supporters were not as publicly vocal as in other political battles.  It was stated that the Catholic Church kept its promotion of "Vote NO" to its  masses and sermons.   


Does this bode well for us?  If this can happen in such a religious nation as Ireland and as more reports state that the US is becoming less religious and less Catholic all the time, maybe there is hope for us yet.  Let the tidal wave of acceptance begin!


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  1. would irish-americans be

    would irish-americans be allowed to march this time in US? would be interesting to see if they wont

  2. Human rights should never be

    Human rights should never be left to the vote but Thankfully they got it right. Great for Ireland!


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