Irish Priest On “Personal Leave” After Viral Video Shows Him Having Sex On A Church Altar

An Irish priest went on leave after he was a part of a gay sex scandal.


Earlier this year, a video emerged of two men having sex in St. Bartholomew’s Church in Kildorrery, Ireland. The video also showed that one of the men was wearing priest vestments.

After catching wind of the video, Bishop Pat Buckley brought it to the attention of his church superiors.

He added: “I reported the images to the Catholic Church hierarchy and I am told they have gone to the gardai.”

Now, the Irish Mirror reports that church authorities discovered who the priest, who's identity is being withheld, was. Plus, the priest later went on personal leave.

A source for the news outlet said:

“He has taken so-called personal leave to deal with his issues.

"It is understood he has been suffering from some mental difficulties and some addiction problems.

“When the video came to public attention he suffered a lot of adverse attention and in discussions with his bishop it was decided he would take time out.

“This has been a major scandal in the area and people are devastated by it all.

“The guards are investigating the incident and it is ongoing.”

5 thoughts on “Irish Priest On “Personal Leave” After Viral Video Shows Him Having Sex On A Church Altar”

  1. Please help me understand….

    Please help me understand….

    Why do churches have immunity from the law?

    Why don't they pay taxes?

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