Is 45 Years in Prison Enough for Murdering 5 Gay Men?

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A serial killer who targeted gay men was released from prison last week.

Warren Harris Jr., now age 62, was awarded parole after just 45 years in prison following the brutal slayings that left five gay men dead in 1977. Harris was originally reprimanded with three consecutive life sentences with no chance of parole after a month-long trial in 1977, which was overturned in 2021 to just life in prison with parole. 


Being that Harris Jr. was only 17-years-old when he committed the murders, it stands to reason that the legal system has seen most of his life behind bars and he is, technically, a senior citizen now. Did he spend enough time in prison, especially when he was convicted at such a young age? Well, ask the victims’ loved ones…

Stalking the strip clubs and jazz halls of the French Quarter community of New Orleans, Louisiana, Harris Jr. was reportedly disgusted by gay men and set out in the evenings between February and April 1977 to take his rage out on unsuspecting men. His rampage saw the deaths of five gay men: Robert Gary (47), James McClure (32), Jack Savell (38), Alden D. Delano (59) and Ernest Pommier (77).

Pommier was perhaps the most brutal slaying, with the man having been stabbed over 50 times before his death. Quickly dubbed The French Quarter Stabber, Harris Jr.’s victims were all found to be murdered post intercourse. Identifying as a straight and obviously homophobic white male, I find it quite odd that Harris Jr. was able to get so close to the men after such a tender moment… unless he was part of the action in the first place. 

On April 13, 1977, Harris Jr. encountered his would-be sixth victim. However, the man was able to escape and led authorities to capture the serial killer. Once behind bars, Harris Jr. quickly confessed to the brutal murders. 


Now, he’s free to walk the streets…

Maybe he found religion while in prison. Maybe he received some sort of anger management. Maybe he received much needed therapy. Maybe he’s finally come to terms with his sexuality (unconfirmed). Could he have been a misguided youth whose repressed sexuality lead him to murder? Either way, as of April 17, 2024, Warren Harris Jr. is out in the public doing god knows what. 

Do you feel The French Quarter Stabber received enough jail time given his age when convicted? Do you think he’s a changed man? Comment and let me know your thoughts on this true crime update. And, as always, may the victims and their families find peace. 

Sources: NOLA, WIKI

2 thoughts on “Is 45 Years in Prison Enough for Murdering 5 Gay Men?”

  1. It’s a dicey subject to determine whether or not he’s served long enough based on his age at the time of the murders, and without this being an intentional murder or in self defense, I would have said yes, but in my opinion, he should have died in prison. Honestly, he should have been taken out of this world to begin with. I don’t care how old you were. You murdered 5 people in cold blood! That doesn’t just fade from your personality. I don’t care how much therapy he received. They never released Charles Manson, and he allegedly never laid a hand on anyone. Why does this prick get reprieve!?


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