Is A Gay ‘Real Housewives’ Cast Still Yet To Come From Bravo?

With the latest city to come from the Real Housewives franchise, (The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City), Real Housewives Executive Producer and resident Housewives “Daddy” Andy Cohen proved once again, that he continues to have the keenest of eyes when it comes to what will keep audiences captivated. As fans continue to clamor for information on future Housewives cities or iterations, Cohen recently weighed in on consistently rumored, yet still unseen, gay Real Housewives franchise. 

Andy Cohen Reveals Bravo Has ‘almost cast several lesbians’ on Housewives.
Credit: Going To Bed with Garcelle

During a conversation last week with sophomore Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Garcelle Beauvais on her eponymous podcast Going To Bed With Garcelle, Cohen revealed that “We’ve talked about that,” Cohen went on to say. “It was something that we were really into many years ago. We’ve almost cast several lesbians. I think when you start casting gay men, it just, it’s ultimately a show about women. And which is why, the guys have always been in the background, like the husbands have typically been more in the background.”

This is not the first time Bravo has dabbled with the casting of LGBTQ castmates as Real Housewives (or Housewives-adjacent) cast-mates. The Real Housewives of Orange County almost cast personal trainer Fernanda Rocha during Season 6, going so far as to film cast photos with her as a full-time cast member (she eventually was dropped to a “friend of”). Robyn Levy and Christina Flores were heavily rumored to be the first lesbian couple on The Real Housewives of New Jersey during Season 7, but save for several guest spots (including a heated fireside encounter with Jacqueline Laurita) the ladies were dropped from full-time status. 

As for the future of possible adding a male to the mix of Real Housewives, Cohen is optimistic. Cohen finished by saying that Bravo has definitely considered it saying, “I think the answer is we’ve been open to it. We almost cast a guy on Jersey who was Dina Manzo’s brother and Caroline’s brother as the first gay housewife. This was years ago. This was like 2008 or nine or something like that. But we wound up just not doing it. If the right person smacked me in the face, yeah.”

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