Is Asbury Park’s Latest High Rise Bringing Some Big Name LGBT Allies To The City?

Celebrity sightings are as common on the famed Asbury Park, NJ boardwalk as grabbing a cocktail at Watermark, seeing people lying on the beach outside Convention Hall;  they are simply commonplace. Bruce Springsteen is known to grab a cocktail and watch a football game at The Wonder Bar, and numerous Real Housewives of New Jersey stars have been known to walk through the doors of Paradise and hit the dance floor with the LGBT community numerous times. Asbury Park has had the likes of James Franco, Patti LuPone, and Robert DeNiro filming movies in their street, and who could forget the legendary Sporanos scenes filmed directly on the boardwalk? Cmon-this is the town that gave the world Wendy Williams; Asbury Park knows how to do fabulous! 

It should come as absolutely no surprise that at the brand new Asbury Ocean Club Hotel, a 4,511-square-foot duplex penthouse with a wraparound terrace that stares out into the Atlantic Ocean is at the center of plenty of buzz throughout the town. The condo has four bedrooms, four bathrooms and two powder rooms. The outside space is 1,374 square feet, with a vast terrace, three outdoor rooms and an outdoor kitchen. Is it any idea a virtual litany of famed luminaries are suddenly (allegedly) very interested in the property?

Part of the credit goes to The Jonas Brothers, who kicked the already heavy Asbury Park buzz into an electric overdrive with their late summer performance for the VMA’s directly from the world-famous Stone Pony stage, moving up to the Asbury Park boardwalk for an absolutely packed early evening set that was recorded live and aired during the VMA’s. That, coupled with their social media presence that showed them prominently at the Asbury Ocean Club Hotel, suddenly made Asbury Park even more of a hot spot than it had before.

Here’s a quick break down of what we know and what we’ve heard about the big names that quite possibly, may be making Asbury Park at least their part time home very soon.

Hugh Jackman

Our favorite Aussie was in Asbury Park last year for the opening of the brand new Asbury Lanes, and heavy rumors have abounded that he has been seen checking out the Asbury Ocean Club Hotel several times since. He has even been seen at some local restaurants in a quiet booth in the back grabbing dinner with friends. Could The Boy From Oz be taking up a temporary residence in Asbury Park?

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

Our favorite morning show host and our favorite Riverdale daddy have New Jersey running through their veins. So much so, that Ripa was inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame, with the ceremonies and red carpet held at Convention Hall on the Asbury Park boardwalk, to which packed crowds lauded the gorgeous former All My Children supercouple and their family. As their three equally stunning children are preparing to fly the coop for college in the coming years, could the downsized Consuelos family be aiming to make Asbury Park their new home away from the hustle and bustle of New York City?

Lady Gaga

Mother Monster’s affinity for the entire LGBT community is beyond well documented, and she has made numerous trips to New Jersey haunts to perform on some of her massive world tours. That coupled with start in some of New York City’s downtown clubs before she hit it big makes the gritty and much hyped Asbury Park music scene a natural fit for Gaga. While the rumors about Lady Gaga are thus far very light, Gaga was very close with E. Street Band member Clarence Clemons and there were heavy rumors following his death that she was going to be performing a tribute concert in Asbury Park. It may not have come to pass, but Asbury Park is on her radar for sure…


Now this one could be nothing more than a “Bey in the sky” dream of sorts, but heavy rumors have abounded that Beyonce and a cavalcade of staff have been seen in Asbury Park during the weekdays (when beach traffic and prying eyes both are at a minimum), it remains to be seen if the woman who “runs the world” will also be “running” Ocean Avenue.

Art Courtesy of Asbury Park Ocean Club 


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