Is Benson Boone the Next Harry Styles?

Photo Credit: @bensonboone on Instagram

From TikTok to American Idol to the top of the charts!

Benson Boone, who turns 22 next month, is the latest heartthrob to capture the attention of the music industry. Some are calling him the next Harry Styles, but I’m calling him a wannabe 80’s porn star with that rockin’ mustache! 


See my case just below! 

Boone prematurely left American Idol after making the Top 24 in 2021 when he was offered a lucrative recording deal with Warner and Imagine Dragon’s Lyric Street. Since then, he’s become insanely popular, especially in Norway for some reason, and released two internationally charting singles – ‘Ghost Town’ and ‘In the Stars’ as well as two EPs. 


He always seems to be in the studio recording, actually. 

If you haven’t watched his meteoric rise to fame, then you probably know him for his hit ‘Beautiful Things.’ The song has become a top 10 smash in over 39 different countries, including taking the #2 spot here in America. His current single, ‘Slow It Down,’ has been circling the top 40 for several weeks. 


Katy Perry infamously said the girls will swoon for Benson Boone, but I’m just wondering if you all – guys and girls – are still swooning 3 years later? What do you think of the rising pop star? Do you like his music? Do you like his body? Comment and let me know your thoughts on this new Hollywood star! 

3 thoughts on “Is Benson Boone the Next Harry Styles?”

  1. Yeah, he’s gorgeous, but this dude can sing! I cannot stop listening to his album, especially CRY and WHAT DO YOU WANT. this kid is the real deal!!!

  2. Nope!! He is the next “boss!”. He has what it was takes to take the world by storm!! When I listen to and watch him, I think of Bruce Springsteen!! He has “got” it!!


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