Is Bob The Drag Queen ‘Crazy’ Enough To Win Ru Paul’s Drag Race?


Bob the Drag Queen.  Doesn't sound too creative does it?  Or does it sound a little "Crazy?" 

A friend asked me if I had any interest in going over to Village Pub in Wilton Manors and see Bob the Drag Queen perform.  Who the hell is that?  Do I really want to spend a night on the drive waiting for a queen to show up late and then most likely see a sub par performance?  I'm not a huge fan of drag performances since many don't stack up to some of the great ones I have seen.  My friend assured me he was one of the best, but I declined.  What a mistake that was. 

Now, Bob the Drag Queen is on Season 8 of Ru Paul's Drag Race and he's my current favorite.  Most of my friends who follow him are telling me, "you've ain't seen nothing yet."  There's been a flash or two of his funny bone, but this may be a queen we want to see lip sync, not for her life, but for the entertainment value.  Here's a taste of one of Bob's "Crazy" performances.


S8 Bob the Drag Queen Perf: " Crazy " + Tyra Banks

Bob Performs: Ceelo's " Crazy " + Tyra Banks. Rupaul's Drag Race Season 8

Posted by Rupaul's Drag Race Season 8 on Thursday, February 4, 2016


To learn more about Bob the Drag Queen, head over to and read an interview done by Eileen Shapiro last October. A couple of the questions from the interview were:

When you were growing up did you ever aspire to be a drag queen?
A drag queen? NO! My mom used to own a gay bar when I was growing up. She had a friend named Sydney, and Sydney once got shot by a drag queen. Yeah, a drag queen shot him, and I was terrified of drag queens! He always told me that drag queens were crazy, don’t trust drag queens, so I never thought I would be one of those gun-wielding drag queens that shoot people!

Have you shot anyone recently?
Not today.   –

Will Bob the Drag Queen take the crown?  What other queen stands out?

Who is your favorite queen so far on Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 8?


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