Is Collin Simpson Retiring From Adult Films?

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Collin Simpson is stepping away from the adult film world (and maybe forever).

Collin Simpson is the most popular adult performer on the site Gayhoopla, and its straight/sister site Hot Guys F***, but it looks like his flourishing career at the site was also his downfall.


The adult film star recently posted to Twitter to share that after a 3-year-run, he will be stepping away from the business. Part of the reason is that he’s shot too many videos with the Gayhoopla. Simpson has appeared in over 40 scenes for the site and shares that they have 30 more unreleased scenes. This doesn’t include the scenes he’s recorded for the sister site.

But, overproducing wasn’t the only issue. The other part of Simpson’s problem is a much darker reason.

“I have been struggling with addiction for the last few months, affecting the quality of my work,” wrote the adult film star.

“I’ve never spent any money from my fans on illicit substances,” he explained further. “Because of my battle with addiction, Gayhoopla no longer wants to honor our contract and won’t allow me the monthly rent allowance for fear of enabling my addiction even though that money goes straight to rent and nothing else.”


Collin Simpson then shared that he’s also having other monetary issues such as dealing with a faulty car.

“My car that I just scraped up enough money to buy took a sh*t and died. The engine seized due to lack of oil. The oil light didn’t come on, and even though I had checked the oil this morning and it was fine, over the course of driving it leaked out.”

“So this may be my farewell, unless I can get work with another company.”


Simpson later shared that he’s seeking help for his drug addiction.

“Because of these things my porn career may be coming to an end,” he wrote. “I’m currently in the process of getting help, but it’s too little too late. Sorry I let you all down, I’ll do my best to come back better than ever.”

So, it looks like Collin Simpson’s time with GayHoopla is over. But, he isn’t necessarily retiring from adult films. He’s just hoping someone else will wish to work with him.


This is the second big announcement that Simpson has made within the past year or so. The other one was when Simpson came out as bisexual. Back then, he wrote:

“I don’t like to label myself, however if I had to say for certain, I’m bisexual with a preference for women. I am sexually attracted to men, but I have yet to experience love for another man like I have had for a woman…. This could just as easily happen to me with a man, and I’m very curious to see what, the real aspect of having a male partner is like.”

But he then explained, “That being said, I HAVE had relations with a man outside of work and, in fact, am searching for my next partner. I prefer a high level of muscularity; clean cut with tasteful tattoos and a huge c*ck!”

We here at Instinct Magazine wish Simpson the best in his rehabilitation and recovery from drug addiction. And if anyone out there is dealing with similar drug issues, know that you can find him. One place to start is by calling SAMHSA’s National Hotline.

5 thoughts on “Is Collin Simpson Retiring From Adult Films?”

  1. Collin Simpson (James Proctor) is indeed Gay 4 Pay and married 2022 to K. Proctor and expecting first child as posted on FB site. In 2021 not yet married the couple had a miscarriage. Best of luck to the new family.

  2. I wish LGBTQ outlets stop giving these gay for pay men the spot light. They don’t deserve our time and money when in most cases they support people and organizations that opposes LGBTQ rights. Collin Simpson, Markie Moore, Vadim Black, Johnny Rapid and other “bisexual” or straight porn actors are harming our community. He is not bisexual and he needs to stop tainting bisexuality. As of March 2020 he only dates women and had a gf who dumped him because he f**ks and get f**ked by guys.

    Porn gets young broke guys and they will do anything for money. That’s why I can’t watch studio gay porn no more because It’s filled with gfp or fake bisexuals who are so stoic when performing or so overtly drugged up they’re unwatchable. I only watch amateur gay porn by real gay/ bi men. They are really into it.

  3. Why is an LGBT+ magazine doing an article on a guy that wouldn’t consider anything from LGBT+ unless it was for monetary reasons? This guy contributes to bi-erasure, negative stereotypes and clearly not comfortable being bisexual hence him resonating with his “heterosexual side”. He hasn’t done anything for us, nor is he with us as an ally if you know his political affiliations. Yes, he supports 45 and alls that 45 has does including the nonsense with our military transgender individuals and even the pride flag debacle.

    • Just because hes married to a clitoris does not mean he is not bisexual there are a lot of bisexual/pansexual men who married a clitoris just as there are a lot who married a man. Where is your proof his sexual attraction to both sex is a facade?

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  5. But Collin Simpson isn’t bisexual. He is straight and he has girlfriend. He is gay-for-pay.
    His “bisexuality” only was a strategy to hoard followers.

    Sadly his career was in decline while the time progressed.

    Sadly, He is the next “Markie More”.

    This is a leasen for LGBTTTIQ community: We must not believe all the things hunk male say.

    We must doubt each time they say they “support us” or “they have LGBTTTI friends.” For example.

    LGBTTTIQ, please, you must understand now: Hunk male aren’t LGBTTTIQ. All they are straight, and They only want money and popularity from us.

    They profit from our cause.

    They are not interested in equity or the struggle for civil rights.


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