Is Cross Dresser Considered a Derogatory Term in 2024?

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He said what now?

Roman Reigns, age 38, is one of the top performers in WWE. He’s a six-time champion, currently enjoying an uninterrupted title reign of almost 1,300 days. He hails from a prestigious wrestling family, the Anoa’i, and even acted in a few hit movies including The Wrong Missy and Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.


With an acting coach in WWE, a manager and a publicist, it seems odd to me that Mr. Reigns would make such an inappropriate comment at the conclusion of Friday Night Smackdown on March 8th.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Reigns’ cousin, has returned to WWE after a long hiatus and the two Samoan titans are about to face the unlikely, equally iconic duo of Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes. While ironing out the stipulations of their upcoming match at April’s Wrestlemania paper view Roman called Rollins a…

cross dresser

Listen to the awkward moment below and listen to the crowd boo! 


Seth Rollis, age 37, is an eight-time champion in his own right and currently the wrestling promotion’s Heavyweight Champion. The father of one, whom he shares with Becky Lynch, is known to fans for his outlandish personas and flamboyant outfits.

But does that make him a cross dresser? The world of fashion is a fickle place and I’ve seen men strut down the catwalk in much worse. 

The reason to even bring this up in the first place is because cross dressing sometimes falls under the umbrella of LGBT. Whether its gay men leaning into their feminine side or transgender individuals exploring with their authentic selves, it feels distinctly LGBT to me. And it’s definitely not a quality that should be mocked on live television. 


It almost felt like Roman Reigns was calling Seth Rollins “gay,” and in doing so came off slightly homophobic. What would be the issue if Rollins was a cross dresser or (gasp) gay? 

The term cross dresser has also been seen as derogatory for many years now. And it’s no surprise to anyone who watches WWE to see this behavior given their rumored aggressive locker room climate against any perceived LGBT performers. 


Will you be watching Wrestlemania next month? Did Seth Rollins just gain a ton of gay fans? Did Roman Reigns just choose a bad term while on the spot? Comment and let me know!

***I do not know any of these wrestles nor am I affiliated with WWE. I do not know what views and opinions they hold in their heart, and it’s possible this was just a flub in Reigns vocabulary. 

2 thoughts on “Is Cross Dresser Considered a Derogatory Term in 2024?”

  1. As a gay wrestling fan I don’t see it as a derogatory term….I mean it’s 2024 and people need to Stop Being Offended By Every Little Thing!!


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