Is Gay-Hollywood Unsafe For LGBTQ Youth?

Is Gay-Hollywood Unsafe For LGBTQ Youth?

Why We Need To Ditch Alleged Sexual Predators!

Although I tend to shy away from reader’s comments, I still will take a glance every now and then. I’ve received some fire for gleefully posting sexual allegations regarding infamous Director, Bryan Singer. While I don’t have a personal vendetta against Singer himself; I do not tolerate pedophilia or sexual assaults of any nature. Does anyone?! No. With someone associated with the allegations an endless amount of times, I’m going to judge. With this, I’m also a young, gay man working up his ranks in literal Hollywood. I’ve encountered many stories of my own about Singer and his band of merry misfits. Three of these misfits, Tyler Grasham, Gary Goddard, and Kevin Spacey have already been knocked off their pedestals and I won’t be surprised as more coming tumbling. These alleged stories involve sexual assaults, manipulation, and blackmail.

What pains me is that plenty of gay, aspiring actors, writers, and the like move to Hollywood and anticipate being a part of this misfit, over sexualized group of people that are Singer’s circle. Somehow, someway, it almost appears as an initiation into gay-Hollywood. Oh, you don’t hang out with them? It’s a bit weird, as if we need to get the seal of approval from someone thirty years our senior. I have seen an endless amount of boys go through Los Angeles’ revolving door back to their hometowns as they came to this city to crash and burn within a year. I refused to allow that to happen to myself and have also met a handful of hardworking individuals who did the same. I want to proclaim that there is more to your dreams than laying on your stomach with your ass in the air. Sure, some do this- and they do it well – kudos! However, with confidence and knowing that you don’t have to is what everyone gay hopeful should know. Many don’t. It’s either you’ll succeed while being attached to Singer, or you’ll fail. Nine times out of ten, anyone I’ve interacted within who is a part of Singer’s crowd…fails. You should never move to a city intending to sleep your way to the top. If you have a special X factor in your life; your light will shine and speak for itself. May this please stick to everyone’s heads moving out here?!

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  1. They are destroying Hollywood

    They are destroying Hollywood, gay and otherwise, eviscerating the top talent with this neo-Puritanistic witch hunt.  Enjoy your born-again celibacy.  Pretty soon, that's all you'll have left.


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